• Bluebell Trail

Bluebell Trail

29 Harriers headed to Halifax for the 2nd round of the club off road championship at the Bluebell Trail.  A lovely challenging race that has a bit of everything, woods including the bluebells, hills of which Trooper Lane is the toughest and a river crossing to finish.

It was a lovely hot day as the runners set off into the woods, there was a few bottle necks in the first couple of miles due to a late re route but the pace was hot and a first finisher was Tom Thomas who came home in a storming 4th place overall.  “Wasn’t feeling it at the start but then got into a grove up Trooper lane followed by a painful rut from mile 6 onwards” said Tom “will be back to suffer again”.  Tom is leading the 2nd division after 2 wins out of 2 and will take some beating this year.

Not to far behind and having a storming run to 6th place overall was Adam Lomas.  He claimed top points in the 1st division and is now joint top.

Michael Vargas came in 3rd harrier in 13th place, claiming top points in the premier division and said the following “Fell over and landed on knee in between mile 1-2.  Managed to battle to 13th place despite poor fitness …. he’s back”.

Jack Rose leads the mens Premier division after 2 rounds and was 28th overall here “Struggled through this one.  Thought I was fresh and race ready, found out at mile 2 I wasn’t.  Energy gel at 4 miles through desperation carried me on until mile 9 where I hobbled to the end.  Was fun seeing and racing Scott Watson and Tom in the middle, but it wasn’t for me.  Think its down to tired legs, hot weather, dehydration and setting off too quick despite thinking I was pacing myself…main positive was that I was going slow through the woods so I actually got to see the bluebells and cooling off in the river”.

1st lady home and claiming top points in the 1st division was Amy Young “Loved it, I’ve never walked so much in a race.  Fell on my bum at mile 2 and bruised my ankle, went wrong in the woods 2km from the finish and ended up going about 500m too far.  Ended up coming 10th lady in 1.32 though.  The views and support were awesome thanks everyone”.

2nd Harrier lady home was Nichola Moreland, again in the 1st division of which she leads after 2 rounds.  Honor Baldry was 3rd and took top points in the premier division “”Really loved it – it’s got it all, views, river crossings, big hills and most importantly lots of Jelly baby wielding spectators”

Rebecca Gray was next and she is top in the premier league after 2 rounds “Last 2 times I have done this race I have gone hard and barely taken in the scenery (the 1st time missing seeing the bluebells all together).  After a Bob Graham reccie on Saturday I wasn’t sure I wanted to do it all but decided this time to go a pace I could enjoy.  Absolutely loved it”.

Sarah Underwood is top in the 2nd division with two maximum scores but had to win a sprint finish with Alys Griffiths to take top points.

Other comments –

Paul Dickens – “Still one of my favourite races.  I particularly enjoyed the entire minute I was ahead of Paul Sawyer at mile 9 and the sprint finish battle of the Paul’s which of course I lost.  I’ll be chasing you down this year Paul”.

Paul Sawyer – “I know I had fun trying to hold you off (PD), every time I looked around you were right there, I could not relax.  I am sure you will beat me this year”.

Richard Edwards – “Tough and I have blisters but is a lovely race.  First 2 miles lots of bottle necks.  Well marshalled and we got loads of comments about how many HPH were there”.

Chris Carrick – “Loved every minute including Trooper Lane which is strange for someone who hates hills”


Position Name Time Division Position Name Time Division
4th Tom Thomas 1.17.19 2nd 67th Amy Young 1.32.13 1st
6th Adam Lomas 1.18.41 1st 100th Nichola Moreland 1.38.05 1st
13th Michael Vargas 1.21.07 Prem 132nd Honor Baldry 1.42.07 Prem
16th Scott Watson 1.22.32 Prem 153rd Rebecca Gray 1.44.30 Prem
21st Michael Bowen 1.23.46 2nd 191st Ellen Sharpe 1.48.52 2nd claim
22nd Tom Naisby 1.24.02 2nd 205th Nicola Forwood 1.51.19 Prem
28th Jack Rose 1.24.47 Prem 279th Sarah Underwood 2.00.22 2nd
45th Chris Carrick 1.29.21 2nd 280th Alys Griffiths 2.00.24 2nd
77th David Scrivener 1.33.57 2nd 282nd Cara Sass 2.00.32 2nd
118th Paul Sawyer 1.40.52 Prem 323rd Vicky Houghton 2.06.00 Prem
119th Paul Dickens 1.40.52 Prem 447th Lizzie Coombes 2.34.47 2nd
283rd Richard Edwards 2.00.35 Prem 448th Lesley-Ann Donnell 2.34.47 2nd
284th Chris Jones 2.00.44 Prem 449th Maika Ohno 2.34.47 Prem
379th Matthew Gray 2.16.14 Prem 450th Frances Andrews 2.34.47 2nd
451st Manesha Chauhan 2.34.47 2nd


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