• Summer Mile 2017

Summer Mile 2017

June the 28th and our Summer mile at Woodhouse Moor took place.  We had sold out well before the event and all was looking good, well apart from the weather on the night.

Heavy rain this year left the course and the hard working volunteers very wet but it was still a very successful evening.


27 HPH men and 23 ladies took the chance to have a good at posting there fastest mile time and the results are below.  Many thanks to Anne Akers for the photos, unfortunately the weather stopped her getting pics of the later heats.

From race director Philip Goose –

So we might have stretched the definition of the ‘Summer’ Mile, but thank you for all who came and took part, helped out, and cheered tonight through the rain! To all of the runners at our event – you are absolute heroes for rinsing yourselves to get your fastest time (and then rinsing your clothes out afterwards!).

A huge thank you to our sponsors, The Together Group, TSR Consultancy, CSPC Physiotherapy and ashmei – we couldn’t do it without you!

Full results are now available for the senior heats and race walk on Racebest, and the junior half mile results will be published shortly – all results will also be sent by email shortly.

If you enjoyed tonight please feel free to put the date of next year’s race – Wednesday 27 June 2018 – in your diary and we’ll get working on the weather!




Position Name Time Position Name Time
5th Michael Vargas 5.02.3 77th Amy Young 6.11.8
6th George Anderson 5.02.9 95th Nichola Moreland 6.23.9
9th Angus Milne 5.09.3 109th Matilda Rhodes 6.32.8
12th Daniel Marquina 5.21.6 142nd Samantha Scarlett 6.58.0
23rd Aron Hinds 5.31.6 145th Emma Brown 7.01.1
25th Jack Rose 5.37.7 147th Alisom Pullan 7.03.3
29th Robert Howard 5.39.9 159th Lucy Rider 7.12.9
40th Ben Hartley 5.49.4 160th Nicola Forwood 7.13.6
41st Nick Payne 5.50.1 165th Naomi Farrar 7.17.9
44th James Booth 5.52.9 169th Maika Ohno 7.21.3
60th Gary Grant 6.01.5 171st Hannah Marshall 7.23.2
61st Curtis Broadhead 6.02.0 173rd Claudia Bauer 7.23.9
64th John Blatherwick 6.03.2 178th Jo Rhodes 7.26.4
68th Tobias Adkins 6.04.6 190th Laura Edwards 7.39.7
69th Mark Haddrill 6.04.9 196th Heather Fulton 7.45.3
71st Chris Jones 6.06.6 199th Jane-Marie Bracchi 7.50.0
73rd Matthew Armstrong 6.07.3 208th Ester Montaner Novellon 8.10.6 RW
78th Simon McGrath 6.13.5 211th Lizzie Coombes 8.15.8
99th Curtis Parker-Milnes 6.24.9 216th Becky Haynes 8.23.6
116th Paul Sawyer 6.39.3 218th Claire Hougham 8.28.7
146th Andrew Maddock 7.03.1 232nd Grace Roberts 9.15.7
154th Richard Edwards 7.09.3 233rd Eilidh Brailey 9.22.05 RW
192nd Chris Bracchi 7.42.4 239th Liz Jones 10.10.3
195th Richard Neal 7.45.1
206th Paul Farmery 8.08.2
217th Matthew Turner 8.23.7
234th Morgan Price 9.22.10 RW

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