Who’s Who At Hyde Park Harriers

The Committee

Tom Williams
Honorary Life President

Managing Director parkrun UK

Rick Pullan
Kay Jeffries
Richard Edwards
Membership Secretary

In a past life I was a championship winning rally codriver who went by the name of Weeman.

Daniel Wass
Club Treasurer

Favorite Race:
All of them!

Clare Mason
Club Secretary

The other half of the catering crew.

Karen Willcock
Committee Member

Nicknamed Warrior!

Clare Evans
Committee Member

Philip Goose
Committee Member

Rebecca Gray
Committee Member

Samantha Scarlett
Committee Member


Regular Group Leaders

Karen Willcock

Nicknamed Warrior!

Claire Hougham

Since 2012 I’ve completed 8 marathons and 1 ultra, people have started calling me that crazy lady.

Cat McGuire

After every marathon says she’s never doing another one but always does.

Hannah Jowett

Ask me why my nickname is Chocolate Girl (you’ll never guess)

Hilary Lund

Liz Jones

One half of Hyde Park Harriers Catering Crew.

Ralph Kidner

You might see me joggling sometimes.

Daniel Wass

Favorite Race:
All of them! Last year I did more races than weeks in the year.

Janet Glynn

Shane Scanlon

Farhad Hamad

In all the excitement of my first 10km I forgot the timing chip!

Colin Tranter

Favorite Race:
CWR, LCW, Badger Stone Relay – Any team fell race really!

Matt Jackson

Favorite Race:
London Marathon

Clare Maxwell

Charlie Jacket

I used to DJ in front of 3000 people in Ibiza but that’s the only time I’ll ever be ahead of that many people!