Marathon & Ultra

Marathon & Ultra Races 2020-’21

Note: Due to the ongoing pandemic, a lot of races have been cancelled or postponed. We advise that you check before booking and look out for updates in our roundup emails and from the committee on the races in the 20/21 calendar.

Page Updated: Spring 2020
Wuthering Heights Wander 5th April 2020Book Here
A Bridge Too Far Ultra 50/60k 13th June 2020Book Here
The High Life 50/80/105/130k 4th July 2020Book Here
Elsecar Skelter 27mi 1st August 2020Book Here
Yorkshireman Offroad Marathon 13th September 2020Book Here
Yorkshire Marathon 18th October 2020Book Here
Short Circuit 50k 7th November 2020Book Here
Xmas Cracker Marathon Weekend 5th/6th Dec 2020Book Saturday / Book Sunday
Titus Trot Ultra TBC January 2020 TBCTBC
Roundhay 50mi TBC February 2021 TBCTBC

Race Calendar

Information and rules for the 2019/20 championship year:

The series takes place between April and March and consists of ten designated races with distances ranging from 26.2 miles to approximately 81 miles. The competition is open to all first claim members who compete in these designated races and who have paid their membership fees in full. There will be separate identical competitions for men and for women. The best four performances for each member will be totalled. Where two or more members have scored an equal number of points at the end of the season, final positions will be determined on head-to-head, and if these are equal, on participation… if still equal then positions are tied. All races entered from the race list count and therefore there is no minimum number of races to score in the championship. For Men and Women: 1st HPH = 20 points 2nd HPH = 19 points 3rd HPH = 18 points 4th HPH = 17 points 5th HPH = 16 points 6th HPH = 15 points 7th HPH = 14 points 8th HPH = 13 points 9th HPH = 12 points All other HPH racers get 10 points. View Bonus Points Info Here

Bonus points will be awarded to those running ultras with a tiered points system reflecting additional distance covered (where appropriate) and as detailed in the race table below. Results for each Punk Panther race, although often offering a choice of distance, will be taken on total race time. Points will be distributed according to finishing time in the results table with additional points awarded for those doing extra distances so choose your tactics for championship points wisely!

Some ultra races allow participants to change up, or down, distance during the race. This is accepted, where authorised by the race organiser, and final finishing position for the race (awarded by the race organiser) shall be accepted by the committee.

As a general rule only members who are current members at the end of the year (31st March) will be eligible for awards. With this, as with all other matters, the decision of the committee will be final.

Use appropriate kit for the course and conditions: Members do not need to wear their vests etc to get points because all kit worn and used must be suitable to the conditions of the course on the day and meet the kit requirements of the race organiser.

The majority of the races that have been chosen are suitable for beginners to ultra running, and the aim is to keep the Championship as inclusive as possible. Marathon and ultra running can be both fun and challenging. As the majority of these races are off-road they come with some inherent hazards. Senior runners at any event are responsible for their own safety.

The club is affiliated to UKA therefore we are obliged to follow their rules with regard to transfer of race numbers. If a member gives their number to someone else without using the official transfer system then they may be disqualified from all club competitions in that year. Members should be aware that some race organisers have no system for the transfer of race numbers.

When entering races please indicate that you are a member of Hyde Park Harriers.

At the end of the competition year the designated races will be reviewed and at least one will be changed in order to keep the competition fresh and introduce new running challenges.

In all respects the decision of the committee is final.