Calderdale Way Relay 2015

On the 17th May it’s the Calderdale Way Relay organised by Halifax Harriers.

For those who haven’t taken part before, this is a team event comprising of 6 pairs of runners (teams of 12), covering over 80km around Halifax, Todmorden, and Hebden Bridge. Each pair covers approximately 10-15km in an effort to get the baton from start to finish.

Getting the baton round isn’t the priority with this race- the plan is to get the HPH teams from start to finish, and enjoying a day out in the hills of Calderdale (…and then some beers after!). Like the Leeds Country Way, this is a great team event…just with slightly bigger hills (and a map, gloves, hat, and compass). We’ve had a HPH team involved in the last 3 relays (2012 -> 2014).

The race itself is a brilliant day out and the lead up to the event involves some trips out to Calderdale to recce routes. The recce trips are an important/fun part of the race preparation.

Race Details:

Date & time: Sun 17th May 2015 at 08:00
Region: South/West Pennines
Category: Relay
Distance: 80.5km / 50m
Climb: 3660m / 12008ft
Venue: North Dean Woods, West Vale, Halifax, W. Yorks.
Age info: Over 16 for Leg 3, over 18 for other Legs.
HPH Contacts: Colin Tranter and Rich Quinn.

The Hyde Park Harriers 2015 teams are listed below:



Leg 1


Leg 2


Leg 3


Leg 4


Leg 5


Leg 6




Matt Pinnock

George Anderson

Scott Henderson

Daniel Cross

Mike Gallagher

Rich Quinn

Matt Jackson

Colin Tranter

Chris Mann

Anthony Aimon

Phil Goose

Simon Gillbody




Chris Taylor

Farhad Hamad

Hannah Turner

Vicky Houghton

Dan Waas

Rebecca Rogers

Robin Culshaw

Kasia Mika

Tom Eales

Rachel Bourne

Dave Wormsley

Jan Glynn




Gordon Crawford

Andy Nichols

Kate Pankhurst

Hannah Jowett

Mick Mason

Sarah Farnell

Dote Stone

Jonny Mason

Ken Fox

Jimmy Sheldon

Vicky Taylor

Lucy Killick



Provisional dates for some of the organised recces:

March 21 Leg 3
March 29 Leg 4
April 06 Leg 2
April 11 Leg 5

Please check the HPH Fell and XC Facebook site, HPH Calderdale Way Facebook Page for more details.

Halifax Harriers – Calderdale Relay