parkrun League Locations 2019-’20

Note: Due to the ongoing pandemic,parkrun has been cancelled for the foreseeable future. We advise that you look out for updates on the parkrun website and in our roundup emails.

Page Updated: Spring 2020
April Potternewton
May Armley
June Middleton
July Rothwell
August Oakwell Hall
September Bramley
October Cross Flatts
November Roundhay
December Wildcard – any parkrun!
January Temple Newsam
February Pontefract
Bonus RoundYour fastest Woodhouse Moor run 1st April ’19 – 29th Feb ’20

Hyde Park Harriers at UK parkruns

Ken Fox has kindly put together a map showing where Harriers have attended parkruns throughout the UK. You can view the map at this link. Please note the map does not automatically update.

Information and rules for the 2019/20 parkrun Championship year

The series takes place between April and February and consists of eleven ‘rounds’ of scoring at a nominated parkrun each month. The competition is open to all first claim members who take part in the designated parkruns and who have paid their membership feed in full. There will be separate identical competitions for men and for women. Your best age graded performance for the month will count and you will score points based on your age graded score compared to other Harriers scores. The best age graded member at each designated event receives 100 points, decreasing by one point for subsequent finishers. As a general rule only members who are current members at the end of the year (31st March) will be eligible for awards. With this as with all other matters the decision of the committee will be final. Please indicate that you are a member of Hyde Park Harriers on your parkrun profile. There will only be one division for the parkrun Championship. In December with many travelling to spend time with families you are able to score with your best age grading from any parkrun. For the purposes of the parkrun Championship 1st January will count as being part of the December round. In all respects the decision of the committee is final.