Club Competitor

The Club Competitor league seeks to recognise athletes that have regularly represented the club throughout the year.

For designated races, please see individual competition pages for a list of races included. For non-specified races, please ensure your results are recorded and the committee is notified of your participation so you can be awarded points.

Page updated: Feb ’24

The format takes place from 1st April 2024 to 31st March 2025, in line with the UK Athletics calendar.

The Club Competitor competition goes some way to meeting three aspects of the Club Ethos by:

  • encouraging members to compete to the best of their ability,
  • encouraging members to get involved in local races and;
  • recognising the achievements of individuals at all levels

All first claim members who have paid their membership in full and completed a designated race will be awarded points. There is a league for men and for women. If you don’t identify as male or female, please do get in touch to discuss how best to include you into the competitions.

The competition for 2024-2025 is based on participation in 40 races/activities. These are:

All members who compete and finish in any designated race will be awarded 1 point.

We use official race results, so please register as Hyde Park Harriers and notify race organisers of any error or omission. Only participants who are members at the end of the year (31st March each year) will be eligible for awards.