The Club Competitor of the Year takes place annually during the twelve months from April and ending 31 March in line with the UK Athletics calendar.

There is a separate Club Competitor of the Year competition for men and women.

Unlike the Club Championship which seeks to establish who in the club has run the fastest at designated races, the format recognises those athletes that have regularly represented the club throughout the year.

The Club Competitor of the Year is a competition within the club that goes some way to meeting three aspects of the Club Ethos by:

  • encouraging members to compete to the best of their ability,
  • encouraging members to get involved in local races and;
  • recognising the achievements of individuals at all levels
All first claim members who have paid their Club subscriptions in full and completed a designated race will be awarded points.

The competition for 2018/19 is based on participation in forty five races. These are ten designated road races, ten designated off road races, ten designated fell races, five PECO cross country races, two long relays, one short relay, our own Summer Mile race, Marathon, Ultra-Marathon and Ilkley Skyline. All members who compete and finish in any designated race will be awarded 1 point.

We will be using the official results so please register as Hyde Park Harriers and notify the organisers of any error or omission.