Training Plans

On this page you will find the latest training plans from Honor (HPH’s own coaching & development lead). Any questions, get in touch at

A large group of runners wearing hyde park harriers vests running on an athletics track

5k improvers plan – June-August 2024

We’re currently structuring sessions around improving your 5k time, ready for our Track Day on 11th August (RSVP here!). The sessions will also work if you’re targeting an improved 10k or getting ready for an autumn half marathon. You can find the sessions on this page each week, and you can join in the plan / ask questions in our HPH Training Pals Facebook group

This section will be updated with each week as they come – stay tuned for further updates!

Week 5 – 15th July

This week we’re playing with picking up the pace, so there’s a Fartlek (speed play) workout on Thursday where you want to be getting faster as the reps get shorter. Then on Saturday, aim to do your last mile / lap at parkrun at your target 5k pace and see if you can hold on! Give it a go and keep me posted with how you get on.

Week 4 – 8th July

This coming week is a deload week, so only one session on Thursday – with choice of track or 2 minute intervals. Have fun, enjoy the R&R!

Week 3 – 1st July

This week we’ve got quite a lot of workouts on the plan BUT, fear not, it’s a rest week the week after, so give it a go!

Our focus is on threshold running – where you can give 3-4 word answers and would be somewhere between your 10k and half marathon pace. It’s hard, but not all out effort. Training at this effort really helps you stay strong in the final third of races. There’s a good video here from Sarah at The Running Channel explaining it here.

It’s Eccup 10 at the weekend. If you’re racing it, don’t do your hill sprints on Saturday, just drop down to an easy parkrun to save your legs!

Week 2 – 24th June

This week we’re going to be working on runs that mix up paces, which is great for developing the different energy systems your body uses for running 🧑‍🔬.

(This includes my fave workout, which is post parkrun hill sprints – great for strength & speed, as well as letting the CoTC queue die down before you get there 😉 ).

I’ll be coaching track on Thursday at Beckett – please do come down and give it a go – it’s set to be a fun session! 

Week 1 – 17th June

Kicking off the plan, week 1 is benchmark week – so you can lay down a time to improve on over the next 8 weeks. There’s the option of the Evensplits 5k at the Brownlee centre on Wednesday or a speedy parkrun on Saturday.

The plan uses rate of perceived exertion (RPE) – which is effort out of 10. You can find a handy explainer for RPE at the bottom of this page.

This is also the first week of the new and improved strength and speed sessions at Woodhouse Moor – be sure to sign up on Spond to join the Thurs session.

Let us know how you’re getting on – feel free to share how you’re doing on the HPH training pals FaceBook page.

A handy guide to RPE – aka rate of perceived exertion