Join Us Every
Tuesday & Thursday

We meet at 7pm Tuesday and Thursday at The Edge, Leeds University.

We run in all conditions, whatever the weather.


Every Tuesday is long run night, with a variety of routes that include hills, flat runs and speedwork. We also have splinter groups some weeks with different offerings (*details below).

We have up to eight levels, from group one (beginners, returners and runners who take more than 35 minutes to run 5k) to group eight (people who can break 40 mins for 10k).

If the groups are large, we will split them.

We have a number of qualified or experienced group leaders, many of whom have formal qualifications. Some (but not all) of our regulars are pictured here.

Please talk to any of our leaders if you are not sure what group is best for you.

If you're new to running and not sure of your speed, then don't worry. No-one is too slow - you'll never be left behind and you'll never be made to feel a nuisance.

Our splinter sessions aim to bring something extra to Hyde Park Harriers and offer our runners some diversity within their running.

  • 1st Tuesday of the month is our well established #runandtalk session brought to you by our Mental Health Champions.  
  • 2nd Tuesday is our popular Kirkstall Hills session (meeting outside Virgin Active, not The Edge, but still for a 7pm start).
  • If a month is lucky enough to have a 5th Tuesday we encourage runners to step up a group, if they feel ready, in our Progression Session.


Thursday is our speed, strength and conditioning session, when you can push yourself with the support of teammates.

Typically we'll spend an hour doing a series of strength and speed exercises and practice running drills, intervals and general stretching to improve our all-round fitness.

This session is suitable for anyone and all abilities so just come along and reward yourself with some great trainings and have some fun!

Wearing something light/bright is always advisable, especially when evenings are dark! Don’t forget to bring a drink!

Our Strength and Speed session starts from The Edge at 7pm.