Run with us every Tuesday & Thursday

Note: to join our Tuesday sessions, you need to register on Spond and sign up for a place in a group each week. Details on how to do this are below.

Updated: Nov ’21

From 7th September 2021, we can return to our usual 7pm sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays at The Edge, Leeds University. Our sessions run in all conditions, whatever the weather, but please keep an eye out on social media as the ice sometimes gets the better of us. High-visibility or reflective clothing is mandatory when it is dark whilst running (Sept-March), and highly recommend all year round.

Where We Meet

We meet at the concrete steps off Finsbury Road, near The Edge (Leeds Uni) Gym.

  • We gather at the steps, not at the doors. You can find us here: What3Words: face.frost.sushi
  • Nobody is to use the main entrance of The Edge, or gather close to the entrance doors, please.
  • If you need to use lockers, toilets or changing rooms in The Edge, you should use the ‘Welcome to the Exhibition Centre’ side door. There will be someone there to let you in before the session. The doors are here: What3Words: needed.asset.dimes
  • The Edge staff require that we close the door once we go for our run, so this will be shut at 7pm prompt.

Register to Run

You must register on Spond before you can run with us.

  • From 7th September, anyone will be able to run with us, but they will need to have registered on Spond beforehand, so that we have their contact details and ICE information. Follow this link or hit the button below to register and sign up for sessions.
  • Invites are issued every Sunday evening for the following week’s sessions.
  • Groups will be limited to 20 and leaders will check Spond against their registered list before they set off to run. If you’ve not signed up to a group prior to the session, you risk not being able to run with your chosen group if it’s already at capacity.

Group Runs

@ The Edge, 7pm

Each Tuesday we host group runs with a variety of routes that could include hills, flat runs and speed-work.

We have up to eight levels, from group one (beginners, returners and runners who take more than 35 minutes to run 5k) to group eight (comfortable running sub-40 mins for 10k). Take a look at our group paces here:

Click to view larger

We have a number of qualified or experienced group leaders, many of whom have formal qualifications. If the groups are large, we will split them. Please talk to any of our leaders if you are not sure what group is best for you.

We recommend you run in an easier group for your first session, to get a feel for how the group runs work without worrying about pace.

If you’re new to running and not sure of your speed, then don’t worry. Nobody is too slow – you’ll never be left behind and you’ll never be made to feel a nuisance.

Strength & Speed

@ The Edge, 7pm

On Thursdays we’ll spend an hour doing a mix of drills, intervals, strength work and general stretching to improve all-round fitness.

These sessions are mixed ability with everyone training together, so just come along and have some fun, with the added benefit of a great training session. We try and make these sessions as fun as possible, so expect team games, balance challenges and creative exercises!

We train as a group on Thursdays, so some people will run further than others, but don’t worry – we use an open space such as the park or University grounds, to keep us all together.

Don’t forget to bring a drink!

Other Sessions

Our splinter sessions aim to bring something extra to Hyde Park Harriers and offer our runners some diversity within their running these sessions are held in addition to our usual groups mentioned above.


Please check Spond for sessions

Held on the 1st Tuesday of the month is our well established #runandtalk session brought to you by our Mental Health Champions.  Read more here.

Kirkstall Hills

Please check Spond for sessions

Held on Tuesday of the month, our popular Kirkstall Hills session meets outside Virgin Active, Kirkstall Road, for a 7pm start. Any abilities welcome, you can do as many or as few of the 17 hills as you like.

Group 0

(Our injured, tired or walking group) will be unofficial for the time being. In place of group runs on Tuesdays, if you’d like to organise a social group session you are very welcome to post any pub/cafe/walk plans in the Facebook group, and encourage others to join

Progression Sessions

Currently Paused

If a month is lucky enough to have a 5th Tuesday we encourage runners to step up a group, if they feel ready, in our Progression Session.