Harrier Of The Month – January

This Harrier Of The Month is the final announcement of recipients to be considered in our annual awards evening for the main Chair’s and President’s awards – but remember, to build the suspense just because someone didn’t receive a single monthly award they could still be up for the big one if they have been nominated regularly. And so on to the recipients!

Harrier Of The Month – January Men’s Award

Men’s Harrier Of The Month goes to one of our youngest members, Luke Blyth. Luke was nominated for representing Hyde Park Harriers in the junior races this PECO season and enjoying running in those races for the club. Although we don’t currently have a formal juniors section this is still a long term aim of the club, but it is great to see young Harriers representing the club, and is something we would love to see more of in the future.

Also nominated this month was Phil Hammond – not this time for a ridiculous ultra marathon or successive marathon performances, but for co-ordinating the latest batch of sales of Hyde Park Harrier buffs, from co-ordinating with suppliers, designing, selling and then getting them out to you. Mike Vargas was nominated for using his down time while being unable to run organising the incredibly successful escape room night, bringing together Harriers for a great social. This was a completely original idea, and if you have an idea for a social that you would like to organise and run, let us know. (We hope to see you back running again soon Mike!).

Josh Dawson was nominated for an incredible PB performance at the Brass Monkey, Toby Adkins was nominated for leading a bucketload of Tuesday sessions, and on the theme of sessions Jack Rose was nominated for the work he has been doing with the triathlon section in delivering a high standard of coaching for the triathlon club, often on a bi-weekly basis.

Harrier Of The Month – January Women’s Award

Women’s Harrier Of The Month goes to Naomi Adkins. Naomi is what you call in musical theatre terms a ‘triple threat’ in terms of her contribution to club. Through January and over the previous months Naomi, along with Zeni, has delivered the weekly roundup and developed a fresh new template, has lead a huge number of Tuesday sessions, has done some great work on the website, as well as contributing to the club more widely as a committee member. It can sometimes be easy to overlook the contribution individual committee members make to the club, but Naomi is a worthy recipient of January Women’s Harrier Of The Month.

A side of the club which doesn’t get that much of a mention are our Hyde Park Harrier race walkers who train with Andi Drake up at Leeds Beckett. Pagen Spooner was nominated in January for becoming England National Indoor champion over 3000m – an amazing achievement!

Several Harriers were nominated for their contribution to the club in January. Naomi Kellett was nominated for the brilliant swim sessions that she has been delivering for the triathlon section, and Grace Roberts was nominated in January for her overall contribution during her time with Hyde Park Harriers as she leaves us to move to Northern Ireland – but I’m sure she’ll be back to visit! Amy Young was also nominated for continued amazing performances with 1st lady at the St Aidan’s Beast in January.

Thank you all for your nominations in this ‘award year’ – it’s meant that when we have come to consider the Chair’s and President’s award that we have had loads of nominations to consider from the whole year round, which makes it easier for us and helps to make sure that we consider everyone’s achievements, even if they happened at the beginning of last year. As mentioned up until the end of January is the last month that we were considering nominations for awards at our annual awards evening, but that is no reason to stop nominating people – Harrier Of The Month will continue in February, in March and so on!

Happy running,

Philip Fisher