HPH Chair’s Blog and HOTM for March

In a three-way tie in the committee vote on HOTM in March, this month’s winners are: Jonny Spain, Grace Roberts and Ben Hartley!

Jonny Spain wins this month for this PBs at 5km over the past couple of months and his dedication to a really challenging marathon training plan. The result of all this hard work was a 2:57:31 at Manchester Marathon at the weekend. Incredible result Jonathan!

Grace Roberts, deservedly received HPH of the month for following the dream of a sub-25 minute 5km by training her heart out, coming close so many times and then finally smashing that target out of the water at the Brownlee 5km in March. Well done Grace – we cannot wait to see what’s next!

Last but by no means least, our wonderful Ben Hartley is our final winner for the month. Ben has been slowly making a comeback to his running after a number of challenges over the past few years. He’s been improving week on week and this month, he came first at Potternewton parkrun with a comeback PB, too. It’s fantastic to see Ben back to running. Well done.

Our other nominees are here:

  • Danny Clayton – for his absolutely amazing PB performance at the March Brownlee 5km race
  • Oli Dighton – for an incredible run at the PECO relays and then another one at the March Brownlee 5km race!
  • Toby Adkins – for an absolutely incredible performance at the Sheffield Half Marathon in spite of a few weeks of injury which could well have scuppered any training plans.
  • Amy Ramsden-Young – Amy’s consistency and performances in this season’s HPH Tri VRS on Zwift has been fantastic. She’s shown exceptional determination to edge out the seeming indomitable Naomi Miles to take this season’s sprint jersey!
  • Naomi Miles – for her consistency and domination in this season’s HPH Tri VRS on Zwift. She’s set a really high performance benchmark throughout the season and has deservedly taken the overall win, the QOM and the most improved rider jersey! Well done!

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Don’t forget you can submit any future HPH of the Month nominations at any time of the month/year at this link.