HPH Club Competitor Competition 2015/16 standings updated

I have updated the spreadsheet for this season’s Hyde Park Harriers Club Competitor Competition with the points gained from Race 3 – last week’s Leeds Half Marathon. Very well done to all the 23 HPH women and 36 HPH men that turned out and ran. Some outstanding performances there.

I’ll add in the points from Race 2 – The John Carr 5K series of races after the final one on Wednesday.

The spreadsheet is in the same format as last season, so there are three tabs in the spreadsheet – Races, Women & Men. The Races tab contains a list of the 31 races in the Club Competitor Competition along with dates and entry fees. Some of the dates are provisional and some of the entry fees are based on last season, so these may change. The Women and Men tabs contain the current points totals and standings. I’m quite likely to make a few mistakes, so if you spot any then just Facebook message me (Ken Fox) and I’ll sort them out. Certainly let me know if I’ve missed you out or if you’ve changed you name for any reason (e.g. got married, divorced, joined the Monster Raving Loonies etc.) The spreadsheet can be found in the Google Docs Cloud at: