HPH parkrun Championship – Best at Woodhouse Moor

Up to 20th April 2019


parkrunnerBest Age Grade%
Clare SLORACH77.44%
Rebecca GRAY69.92%
Lizzie COOMBES66.69%
Faye STRINGER61.57%
Honor BALDRY59.43%
Clare EVANS59.20%
Caroline SANDERS59.04%
Alison HARGREAVES55.47%
Zeni BELLWOOD53.56%
Karly STRINGER52.63%
Heather FULTON52.36%
Naomi KELLETT52.27%
Naomi ADKINS52.27%
Claire BOOTH51.65%
Eleanor COLMAN51.47%
Sharron NEUGEBAUER51.40%
Jaz BANGERH50.53%
Robyn JOHNSON50.06%
Claudia BAUER50.00%
Alice WEBB49.64%
Ciara CROSSAN47.98%
Samantha WHITAKER47.95%
Pauline TRUSSELLE46.49%
Hanna GUL ONGUN36.03%
Alys GRIFFITHS27.45%
Cara SASS27.35%
Lucy RIDER23.05%


parkrunnerBest Age Grade%
Michael VARGAS77.16%
Gordon CRAWFORD73.73%
Andrew CARRIER72.74%
Mike GALLAGHER72.63%
Philip GOOSE71.36%
John PRATT68.86%
Mark HADDRILL67.34%
Adam SUMNALL66.72%
Phil LINDSAY65.54%
Nick PAYNE64.68%
Paul SAWYER64.20%
Mike WEBB62.38%
Charlie JACKETT61.97%
Simon MCGRATH61.08%
Richard NEAL60.94%
Curtis BROADHEAD58.81%
Chris CARRICK57.94%
Tom MASON56.87%
Conor GOOLD55.72%
Phil HAMMOND55.65%
Mohammed ASLAM55.46%
Peter WHITE55.20%
James BOOTH54.85%
Andrew JUDD51.46%
Bartosz LEWANDOWSKI50.60%
Chris WORFOLK48.72%
Graeme MILES46.53%
Leigh SCHELVIS44.34%
Joe BYRD38.22%
Nick BROWN36.51%
Rafet ONGUN31.24%
Curtis LEDGER28.60%

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