HPH parkrun Championships – June 2019

Here are the Age Grade%s recorded by Hyde Park Harriers in this monthโ€™s HPH parkrun Championships at the designated June venue of Middleton Woods.


Anna STOCKS69.11%69.11%
Emma BROWN60.95%64.25%64.25%
Fiona BLYTH62.92%62.92%
Susie BARRETT61.43%61.43%
Cara SASS61.35%61.35%
Lizzie COOMBES61.15%61.15%
Clare EVANS61.11%61.11%
Clare MAXWELL60.50%60.50%
Vicky HOUGHTON60.12%60.12%
Jo RHODES59.60%59.60%
Sarah UNDERWOOD59.54%59.54%
Lucy RIDER58.91%58.91%
Alys GRIFFITHS57.25%57.25%
Caroline SANDERS55.54%55.54%
Laura GARRATT48.47%48.47%
Karly STRINGER46.64%46.64%
Claire HOUGHAM42.03%42.03%
Lorna MIDWOOD37.34%37.34%


Michael VARGAS74.95%74.95%
Steve RHODES74.46%74.46%
Philip GOOSE65.24%65.24%
Michael BOWEN62.92%62.92%
Richard PULLAN58.92%61.81%61.81%
Paul SAWYER61.37%61.37%
John BLATHERWICK58.10%58.10%
Alexander BELL56.95%54.58%56.95%
Tom MASON56.58%56.58%
Mike WEBB55.97%55.97%
Paul RAMSDEN55.31%55.31%
Richard EDWARDS51.52%53.79%53.79%
Paul DICKENS50.26%53.72%53.72%
James UNDERWOOD51.25%51.25%
Sam DOOLEY30.20%30.20%
Curtis LEDGER26.03%26.03%

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