• HPH Road Championship

HPH Road Championship

In 2017/18 Clare Evans and Philip Goose came out on top of the clubs Road Championship.  Can anyone knock them off top spot this coming year.



The competition is open to all first claim members who compete in these designated races and who have paid their Club subscription in full. There will be separate identical competitions for men and for women.  The best six performances for each member will be totalled.  Where two or more members have scored an equal number of points at the end of the season, final positions will be determined on head-to-head and if these are equal then positions are tied.  As a general rule only members who are current members at the end of the year (31st March) will be eligible for awards.  With this as with all other matters the decision of the committee will be final.

The club is affiliated to UKA therefore we are obliged to follow their rules with regard to transfer of race numbers. If a member gives/receives  their number without using the official transfer system then they will be disqualified from scoring points in that race and repeat offenders maybe disqualified from all club competitions in that year.  Members should be aware that some race organisers (eg Abbey Dash) have no system for the transfer of race numbers.

Performance criteria will be based on finishing position. This year we will have three divisions, (Premier, First and Second).  There will be 20 named members in the Premier and First divisions (the appropriate promotions and relegations will have taken place) and everyone else will be in the Second division.  The fastest Premier/First Division member at each designated race receives 20 points, decreasing by one point for subsequent finishers.   The fastest Second Division member receives 20 points, decreasing by one point for subsequent finishers.  Where twenty plus runners compete then one point will be awarded for twentieth and each subsequent placing.  Members who join the club during the year will automatically be placed in the Second Division.

At the end of the competition the members in positions 1 to 5 in the First and second Division will be promoted to the Premier/First Division and replace those who have finished in positions 16 to 20 in the Premier/1st Division for the forthcoming year.  If any member finishing in positions 1 to 5 in the First Division does not renew their membership, then the member finishing sixth will be promoted to the Premier Division.  If more than 5 members have not competed in the current year they will be automatically relegated.

So what have we in store this year –

The Road series consists of ten designated races.

Round Race Date  
Rnd 1 Brownlee 5k April – Nov Open
Rnd 2 Bronte 5 June 7th On day
Rnd 3 Otley 10 June 13th Open
Rnd 4 Eccup 10 July 1st Open
Rnd 5 Firefighter 5 Aug 12th Open
Rnd 6 Vale of York ½ Sept 9th Open
Rnd 7 Golden Mile TBA  
Rnd 8 Bramley 10k Sept 23rd  
Rnd 9 Abbey Dash Nov 4th Open
Rnd 10 Dewsbury 10k Feb  

This year with the John Carr not running we have added the Brownlee 5k’s. Your best time from the series (April onwards) will count so you can do one or all its up to you.

Round 2, back by popular demand is the Bronte 5 mile race before we head to a couple of our regular 10 mile races at the Otley and Eccup 10’s.  Round 5 in August is the Firefighter 5 then we head to the very fast Vale of York half.

We are awaiting actual dates but we can have fun again on the track for the Golden mile then new for us this year is the Bramley 10k before we end with the usual Abbey Dash and Dewsbury 10k.

At the end of the competition the designated races will be reviewed and at least one will be changed in order to keep the competition fresh and introduce new running challenges

In all respects the decision of the committee is final.

See below Premier and 1st Division, everyone else scores in division 2.

Road Premier
1 Clare Evans 1 Philip Goose
2 Clare Maxwell 2 Chris Smith
3 Joan Kavanagh 3 Dan Donnelly
4 Caroline Sanders 4 Richard Edwards
5 Lucy Rider 5 Chris Jones
6 Liz Jones 6 Andrew Maddock
7 Rebecca Gray 7 Scott Watson
8 Sarah Farnell 8 James Booth
9 Claire Booth 9 Daniel Waas
10 Clare Mason 10 Ben Hartley
11 Susan Smith 11 John Blatherwick
12 Diane Aykroyd 12 Thomas Mason
13 Kay Jefferies 13 Mike Webb
14 Hilary Lund 14 Paul Sawyer
15 Michelle Hancocks 15 Graeme Miles
16 Matilda Rhodes 16 Matthew Gray
17 Samantha Scarlett 17 Jeremy Forber
18 Jo Rhodes 18 Ralph Kidner
19 Sara Scholes 19 Aron Fulton
20 Maika Ohno 20 Russell Webster
Road 1st
1 Laura Cummings 1 James Vickers
2 Catherine Hayward 2 Simon Gilbody
3 Emma Amor 3 Trevor Raddings
4 Linda Glendinning 4 Charlie Jackett
5 Lois Gardner 5 Andrew Nicolls
6 Delyse Forber 6 Liam O’Brien
7 Claire Hougham 7 Jack Rose
8 Denise Hofman 8 Phil Hammond
9 Laura Edwards 9 Mike Gallagher
10 Lesley-Ann Donnell 10 Simon McGrath
11 Jasbir Bangerh 11 Olly Coultrup
12 Heather Fulton 12 Angus Milne
13 Naomi Kellett 13 Michael Vargas
14 Nichola Moreland 14 Robert Howard
15 Emma Brown 15 Paul Dickens
16 Alison Pullan 16 Nick Payne
17 Jane-Marie Bracchi 17 Mark Haddrill
18 Amy Young 18 Steve Rhodes
19 Claudia Bauer 19 Chris Bracchi
20 Lizzie Coombes 20 Adam Sumnall

Have fun and please keep sending in race reports for our blog page.

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