John Carr Race 2

18 Hyde Park Harriers were in a field of 376 runners at the 2nd round of the John Carr race series on Wednesday night.

With this being the 2nd of 3 chances to score points in the Road Championship there was 7 new Harriers compared to week 1, so 33 are scoring points so far.  Even with a few having tired legs from the Leeds Half yet again the effort was great to see.

First Harrier home was Anthony Aimon who ran 1 second faster than week 1 in a time of 17.33.  Charlie Jacket followed him home in 19.19 which was slower than week 1 and James Booth was a new scorer with 19.37.

The first 3 Harrier ladies home were all new point scores with Laura Cummings first in 21.10, then Lucy Rider in 22.22 and Clare Lyons in 22.52.

As well as Anthony, Tom Mason, Trevor Raddings and Kay Jefferies were all faster than week 1 which when you read below is a real good effort.

***Important Information Regarding Race 1***

Unfortunately due to an issue on the night the course for race 1 was short of 5k.  The times are not being recognised as PB’s by Run Britain (personally I’m counting mine ha!).  As a club we have an issue as we are counting the best score from the 3 races.  Race 1 was short by 30 yards, an option we have is to amend the times to factor this in.  We have asked our font of all knowledge Mr Fox and he has come back with “Should be straight forward, can just multiply Race 1 times by 5.027/5 = 1.0054”.  At present this is the option we are going with, the other option is you all come and run faster on the 3rd and final race.

Results of Race 2 –

Anthony Aimon 17.33 Mens 1st Division
Charlie Jackett 19.19 Mens Premier Division
James Booth 19.37 Mens Premier Division
David Womersley 20.06 Mens Premier Division
Laura Cummings 21.10 Ladies Premier Division
Tom Mason 21.17 Mens 2nd Division
Chris Jones 21.42 Mens Premier Division
Lucy Rider 22.22 Ladies 2nd Division
Clare Lyons 22.52 Ladies Premier Division
Clare Evans 23.17 Ladies 2nd Division
Vicky Houghton 24.22 Ladies Premier Division
Andrew Maddock 25.02 Mens Premier Division
Clare Maxwell 25.37 Ladies Premier Division
Richard Edwards 25.52 Mens Premier Division
Michael Mason 26.16 Mens 2nd Division
Nicola Forwood 27.28 Ladies 2nd Division
Trevor Raddings 30.16 Mens 1st Division
Kay Jefferies 30.59 Ladies Premier Division