John Carr – Round 1

Some very happy Hyde Park Harriers at the first John Carr race last Wednesday.

Lots of PB’s and awesome runs in the first round of the John Carr race series.  The race series that is spread over 3 Wednesdays.  For the club Road Championship this year we decided to allow your best time from any of the 3 races, so we will have to wait until after the 3rd Wednesday to know who has done the best.

There was 27 Hyde Park Harriers out on what is a fast course and many took advantage of this to produce some excellent times.  Liam O’Brien was first Harrier home in 16.08, with Stan Karanasios and Daniel Cross not to far behind.  Rachel Bourne led home the HPH ladies with a time of 19.22 followed by Rebecca Rogers and Hannah Turner.

The full club results are –

Liam O’Brien 16.08 Mens 2nd Division
Stan Karanasios 16.44 Mens Premier Division
Daniel Cross 17.04 Mens 1st Division
Scott Watson 17.26 Mens 2nd Division
Anthony Aimon 17.34 Mens 1st Division
Alex Tye 18.14 Mens 1st Division
Chris Taylor 18.56 Mens 2nd Division
Charlie Jackett 19.06 Mens Premier Division
Rachel Bourne 19.22 Ladies Premier Division
David Womersley 19.38 Mens Premier Division
Paul Sawyer 19.50 Mens 2nd Division
Tom Pollard 20.24 Mens 2nd Division
Rebecca Rogers 20.39 Ladies Premier Division
Hannah Turner 20.58 Ladies Premier Division
Daniel Waas 21.34 Mens Premier Division
Tom Mason 21.36 Mens 2nd Division
Vicky Houghton 23.42 Ladies Premier Division
Emma Amor 24.06 Ladies 2nd Division
Clare Maxwell 24.53 Ladies Premier Division
Andrew Maddock 24.53 Mens Premier Division
Matthew Gray 25.23 Mens 2nd Division
Richard Edwards 25.34 Mens Premier Division
Michael Mason 26.15 Mens 2nd Division
Hilary Lund 27.23 Ladies 1st Division
Victoria Taylor 27.25 Ladies 2nd Division
Trevor Raddings 31.13 Mens 1st Division
Kay Jefferies 31.21 Ladies Premier Division

Didn’t manage to get a pic with everyone but here is a couple from the night.

So will any of the above improve next time out or a new name get a quick time.  If you haven’t registered in time for race 2 there is still race 3.

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