• Leeds Half Marathon 2016

Leeds Half Marathon 2016

A scorching hot day welcomed the runners at the Leeds Half marathon, and the heat would take it’s toll on many and the water stations and hose’s on route were even more welcome than ever.

It is the same route as last year so the first half is hilly, a gentle climb up Meanwood road before the tough Stonegate road  leading onto the ring road.  Once at the top of this most of the 2nd half is downhill and flat, but Kirkstall road seems to go on for miles.

43 Harriers (22 men and 21 ladies) entered this which is round 3 of the club road championship and also counts as a round of the club competitor championship.

1st home in an excellent 14th overall was Liam O’Brien in 1.19.20.  Liam has started the year very strongly and will take some beating in the 1st division, even though he wasn’t happy today with stomach cramps affecting him.


2nd home and 1st in the premier league was Matthew Pinnock who had an excellent run to claim a PB in 24th at 1.20.54.  Mike Gallagher was next home in 1.25.51 only 2 seconds ahead of Chris Smith.  Top 2nd division points went to Pompeo Costantino with a strong 1.27.45.


In the ladies Helen Close was 1st Harrier home in 1.46.04 only 8 seconds ahead of Lucy Rider who in turn was only 18 seconds ahead of Hannah Marshall.  It was a close battle and all 3 scored strongly in the 1st division.


Next home and scoring top premier division points was Laura Cummings in 1.49.26 and then it was new Hyde Park Harrier Maika Ohno in 1.52.37 and claiming top points in the 2nd division.

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Even in the heat there was some very impressive performances and everyone who took part should be proud of there performance.

Position Name Time Division Position Name Time Division
14th Liam O’Brien 1.19.20 1st 1109th Helen Close 1.46.04 1st
24th Matthew Pinnock 1.20.54 Prem 1125th Lucy Rider 1.46.12 1st
85th Mike Gallagher 1.25.51 1st 1157th Hannah Marshall 1.46.30 1st
87th Chris Smith 1.25.53 Prem 1486th Laura Cummings 1.49.26 Prem
128th Pompeo Costantino 1.27.45 2nd 1804th Maika Ohno 1.52.37 2nd
242nd Simon Gilbody 1.31.57 Prem 1887th Lois Gardner 1.53.19 2nd
257th Olly Coultrup 1.32.12 1st 2679th Caroline Sanders 1.59.50 1st
276th Aron Hinds 1.32.42 2nd 2884th Heather Fulton 2.01.41 2nd
289th Farhad Hamad 1.32.55 1st 3221st Denise Hofman 2.04.45 2nd
364th Dan Donnelly 1.34.41 1st 3813th Laura Edwards 2.10.24 2nd
863rd James Vickers 1.43.00 Prem 5132nd Lesley-Ann Donnell 2.25.45 2nd
889th Graeme Miles 1.43.23 2nd 5202nd Catherine Hayward 2.26.48 Prem
943rd Jimmy Sheldon 1.44.01 2nd 5289th Emma Amor 2.28.22 1st
1489th John Hayes 1.49.27 2nd 5326th Sara Scholes 2.29.13 2nd
1810th Jeremy Forber 1.52.39 2nd 5327th Hazal Walker 2.29.13 2nd
1934th Jack Rose 1.53.44 2nd 5429th Helen Jackson 2.30.54 1st
2142nd Jamie Dobson 1.55.34 2nd 5611th Hannah Roberts 2.35.07 2nd
2615th John Blatherwick 1.59.13 1st 5823rd Sarah Baker 2.41.43 2nd
3137th Phil Hammond 2.03.52 1st 5909th Jasbir Bangerh 2.44.15 1st
3641st Russell Webster 2.08.44 2nd 6031st Linda Glendinning 2.49.33 1st
4440th Richard Edwards 2.16.49 Prem 6032nd Delyse Forber 2.49.33 2nd
5762nd Andrew Maddock 2.39.24 Prem


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