• Matt Armstrong – Don’t lose the joy of running.

Matt Armstrong – Don’t lose the joy of running.

Don’t lose the joy of running

#Run1000Miles ambassador Matt Armstrong on how to keep hold of the ‘mojo’


Running doesn’t always come easy and the elusive running ‘mojo’ can find itself a bit scarce if you are not mindful.

Finding the ‘joy’ in running is so important. It is as vital to a great day out on the hills, where the peaceful impact of a wide vista can make you just breathe in and think, “Wow – did I just run up that hill?” It is also vital to the hustle and bustle of a running commute where you can be dodging folks at the zebra crossing and traffic lights and just be taking it in your stride, taking the chore out of ‘commute’. Those miles, whether to home or to work, are making the days out on the trails even better – just enjoying running wherever it be and, after some injuries, running my fastest mile this week for several months felt great. We should never take the joy of running for granted and need to choose to enjoy the freedom of the trails and the liberty of movement.

After a DNF on the #RaceAcrossScotland 214-mile ultra I have started to refocus with the plan of getting myself running well again and just running races to enjoy them. I have since done the Due North Sharphaw trail race, which was just so good, and it is always a very satisfying experience to run an entire race series. Having done the previous other two races this year as well, it is well worth a watching out for this series again for 2019 http://duenorthevents.com/due-north-races.html). I have entered another ultra-marathon for December in the Lake District which is more of a winter event and one of my favourites and something to keep running for.

Can’t get yourself running again?

  • Unless you are injured it is as simple as a choice. It is not dependent on how fast you can run or how far you can go, or how steep you can climb.
  • Run what you enjoy and keep going back to it.
  • Set some running goals and work towards them. It might take a while, but you will be on the way there. This could be for a PB or a race that inspires or even scares you. I haven’t had a PB for ages so those are on my plan.
  • Sign up for some 2019 trail races now!

Being a #Run1000miles ambassador this year has taught me a lot: don’t take your running miles for granted rather persistence, determination and choose joy. There is still loads of time to stack up plenty of miles for the year to reach your goal.


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