• Otley 10 mile

Otley 10 mile

26 Hyde Park Harriers (16 men and 10 ladies) headed to Otley on a Wednesday evening for the 10 miler which was round 3 of the club road championship.

Its a challenging route but can produce some good times.  The first 3 miles is nice and flat along the pavements, over the river and into the country lanes.  There is then a gentle climb before the big hill kicks in and you really have to work hard.  A very fast downhill helps the average speed before another climb slows you back down.  Mile 8 to 9 is probably the fastest of the night before the last mile is around the streets and cricket field to finish.

Otley101 Otley102

1st Harrier home and claiming his 2nd division 2 win out of 2 outings was Michael Vargas in an excellent 11th place overall and a time of 1.01.40.


Next up in 19th and claiming his 2nd Premier division win out of 2 starts was Philip Goose. He tried to keep Vargas in sight but drifted away late on so even had time for a quick drink off the HPH cheering squad at the pub on the run into the finish!


Jack Rose was 3rd Harrier home and claimed his first class win of the season in the 1st division. He wasn’t to far ahead of Scott Watson who was making his first road championship start of the year and was happy enough “Great evening, I made the pre race photo and Burger afterwards and ran 10 miles in between”.

Otley10JR Otley10SW

Steve Rhodes scored great points on his first road outing of the year followed by Robert Howard, Chris Jones, James Booth, Mark Haddrill (loved it and thought it was a nice route) and Andrew Mitchell.

Otley10SR Otley10RH Otley10CJ Otley10JB Otley10AM

Jeremy Forber scored nicely in the 1st division and leads it after 3 rounds while next up was Richard Edwards with nearly a 7 minute course PB and the premier division lead after 3 rounds.

Otley10JF Otley10RE

Phil Hammond did a 10 mile warm up to the race as you do, while Paul Dickens limped round and was glad when it was over but enjoyed the burger afterwards and is leading the 2nd division after 3 rounds.

Otley10PH Otley10PD

Matthew Gray had great fun and was pleased with around an 8 minute PB while a special mention goes out to Chris Bracchi who 4 years ago to the day was having major heart surgery so had quite an emotional race but is in great form and got a 10 mile PB.

Otley10MG Otley10CBJB

1st lady home was Amy Young in an excellent 1.15.26.  This was her 2nd class win in the 2nd division out of 2 outings so far.  She finished over 5 minutes ahead of Naomi Kellett who leads the 2nd division after 3 rounds.

Otley10AY Otley10NK

3rd Harrier home was Clare Evans who was the only scorer in the premier division and leads after 3 rounds.  She also claimed a course PB of 7 minutes.


Emma Brown had a good run to be 4th Harrier, with Nicola Moreland next after a really enjoyable race on some brutal hills. Then it was Matilda Rhodes who claimed her 2nd 1st division win out of 2 starts. She enjoyed most of it and was pretty pleased as didn’t go off too fast allowing her to have a strong finish.

Otley10EB Otley10NM Otley10MR

Next was Claudia Bauer who got a 10 mile race PB on what she thought were evil hills but stunning views.  Jane-Marie Bracchi really enjoyed running with Chris, enjoyed the views and the support at the finish.  Samantha Scarlett was next and leads the 1st division after 3 rounds, then Jo Rhodes who had a great time and enjoyed the views.


Next up will be the Eccup 10 in July.  Championship positions are below and thanks to Philip Bland again and Farhad Hamad for the photos.



Position Name Time Division Position Name Time Division
11th Michael Vargas 1.01.40 2nd 106th Amy Young 1.15.26 2nd
19th Philip Goose 1.03.37 Prem 170th Naomi Kellett 1.20.46 2nd
41st Jack Rose 1.07.49 1st 183rd Clare Evans 1.22.00 Prem
46th Scott Watson 1.08.21 Prem 206th Emma Brown 1.24.10 2nd
88th Steve Rhodes 1.13.20 2nd 218th Nichola Moreland 1.25.40 2nd
97th Robert Howard 1.14.04 2nd 228th Matilda Rhodes 1.26.50 1st
100th Chris Jones 1.14.18 Prem 271st Claudia Bauer 1.31.30 2nd
126th James Booth 1.17.06 Prem 305th Jane-Marie Bracchi 1.35.59 2nd
139th Mark Haddrill 1.18.10 2nd 320th Samantha Scarlett 1.38.05 1st
203rd Andrew Mitchell 1.24.01 2nd 336th Jo Rhodes 1.45.24 1st
232nd Jeremy Forber 1.27.19 1st
251st Richard Edwards 1.29.46 Prem
279th Phil Hammond 1.32.21 1st
298th Paul Dickens 1.34.53 2nd
304th Matthew Gray 1.35.53 1st
307th Chris Bracchi 1.36.03 2nd

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