parkrunday 13th April 2019

It’s Easter holiday season so numbers of parkrunning Hyde Park Harriers were down a little bit this week to just 86 across 28 different venues. These included Jack Rose being a Première Perf at Montsouris in Paris. A new venue was added to the Hyde Park Harriers’ list when Jane Marie and Chris Bracchi ran along the sandy beach at Hafan Pwllheli in North Wales.

There were four first finishing Hyde Park Harriers. These were Amy Young at York in 19:11; Michael Vargas at Potternewton in 17:13; Clare Evans at Kew Woods in 21:48; and Anna Stocks at Centre Vale in 21:59.

There were 12 PBs. These were by Karly Stringer in 28:15 and Eleanor Colman in 28:49 at Woodhouse Moor; Rachel Burt in 23:17 at Brockwell; Jamie Dobson in 23:39 at Cross Flatts; Tobias Adkins in 18:59 at Workington; Poppy Forwood in 45:22 at Middleton Woods; and Lee Taylor in 20:54; Lucy Rider in 24:49; Vicky Houghton in 26:14; Robyn Johnson in 31:44; Liz Jones in 34:23 and Diane Aykroyd in 39:23 at Potternewton.

Top Age Grade% by the ladies was 77.15% by Amy Young at York and for the men was 76.19% by Michael Vargas at Potternewton.

Here are the details of all this weekend’s parkrunning Hyde Park Harriers.


Alice WEBBWoodhouse MoorUK30:3548.39%30
Alison HARGREAVESWoodhouse MoorUK27:4354.60%56
Alys GRIFFITHSWoodhouse MoorUK53:5527.45%122
Amy YOUNGYorkUK19:1177.15%86
Anna STOCKSCentre ValeUK21:5967.32%183
Cara SASSWoodhouse MoorUK54:1127.35%70
Carol ROGERSHeatonUK27:4262.88%109
Caroline SANDERSWoodhouse MoorUK26:2759.04%185
Catherine MCGUIREArmleyUK34:4942.70%73
Christina EDWARDSMiddleton WoodsUK50:4329.58%137
Claire BOOTHWoodhouse MoorUK45:2632.72%129
Claire HOUGHAMMiddleton WoodsUK37:4540.75%198
Clare EVANSKew WoodsUK21:4867.89%182
Clare MASONPotternewtonUK38:4542.75%313
Claudia BAUERWoodhouse MoorUK31:4046.95%183
Delyse FORBERPotternewtonUK38:5647.13%259
Diane AYKROYDPotternewtonUK39:2356.54%411PB
Eleanor COLMANWoodhouse MoorUK28:4951.47%37PB
Faye STRINGERWoodhouse MoorUK24:1261.57%41
Grace ROBERTSBramleyUK38:4438.21%35
Helen WILLIAMSFountains AbbeyUK28:1455.73%263
Hilary M Z LUNDPontefractUK36:3353.85%222
Jane-Marie BRACCHIHafan PwllheliUK30:4151.28%104
Jasbir BANGERHWoodhouse MoorUK32:4750.53%471
Karly STRINGERWoodhouse MoorUK28:1552.63%36PB
Kate PANKHURSTArmleyUK34:5043.44%111
Katherine KIRKHAMPotternewtonUK37:5240.93%51
Liz JONESPotternewtonUK34:2354.87%425PB
Lizzie COOMBESWoodhouse MoorUK25:4666.69%127
Lorna MIDWOODHeslingtonUK27:3853.80%106
Lucy RIDERPotternewtonUK24:4960.98%184PB
Manesha CHAUHANMiddleton WoodsUK47:5931.89%103
Matilda RHODESCleethorpesUK23:4162.49%119
Michelle HANCOCKSPontefractUK32:1248.86%141
Monika PUGEVICIUTEArmleyUK26:1856.27%15
Naomi ADKINSWorkingtonUK27:2953.85%115
Nicola FORWOODMiddleton WoodsUK45:2332.94%469
Pauline TRUSSELLEWoodhouse MoorUK32:3346.49%15
Poppy FORWOODMiddleton WoodsUK45:2243.06%71PB
Rachel BURTBrockwellUK23:1763.56%11PB
Robyn JOHNSONPotternewtonUK31:4446.85%133PB
Samantha WHITAKERWoodhouse MoorUK35:5047.95%169
Sarah FARNELLCentre ValeUK57:0527.56%166
Sharron NEUGEBAUERWoodhouse MoorUK35:5050.51%261
Susie BARRETTSizewellUK35:0565.61%80
Vicky HOUGHTONPotternewtonUK26:1457.37%279PB
Zeni BELLWOODRutland WaterUK26:3855.57%63


Adam SUMNALLWoodhouse MoorUK19:4065.59%56
Bartosz LEWANDOWSKIWoodhouse MoorUK31:3842.52%232
Charlie JACKETTWoodhouse MoorUK22:0261.50%118
Chris BRACCHIHafan PwllheliUK30:2350.58%95
Chris CARRICKWoodhouse MoorUK23:4457.94%189
Chris JONESPotternewtonUK22:1973.11%503
Chris WORFOLKWoodhouse MoorUK26:4148.72%196
Daniel WAASCrystal PalaceUK28:2347.03%267
Gary GRANTBallincolligIE22:3457.61%107
Gordon CRAWFORDWoodhouse MoorUK22:5873.73%167
Greg BILLENNESSBradfordUK23:2361.58%37
Jack ROSEmontsourisFR31:2041.17%98
James BOOTHWoodhouse MoorUK24:0254.85%163
Jamie DOBSONCross FlattsUK23:3954.97%191PB
Joe BYRDWoodhouse MoorUK34:0138.22%47
John BLATHERWICKPotternewtonUK23:2955.22%199
Lee TAYLORPotternewtonUK20:5466.27%41PB
Leigh SCHELVISWoodhouse MoorUK29:3544.34%25
Mark HADDRILLWoodhouse MoorUK19:4267.34%193
Michael BOWENHeslingtonUK19:4267.34%86
Michael VARGASPotternewtonUK17:1376.19%151
Mike WEBBWoodhouse MoorUK22:5761.29%208
Mohammed ASLAMWoodhouse MoorUK27:0155.46%111
Nick BROWNWoodhouse MoorUK35:2036.51%65
Paul FARMERYArmleyUK28:2147.09%98
Paul RAMSDENPotternewtonUK22:2662.70%92
Paul SAWYERPotternewtonUK21:3661.03%129
Peter WHITE 2015Woodhouse MoorUK29:1955.20%116
Phil LINDSAYWoodhouse MoorUK26:3864.14%317
Philip GOOSEFrickley CountryUK18:3869.32%126
Richard EDWARDSMiddleton WoodsUK44:5430.85%187
Richard NEALWoodhouse MoorUK25:1360.94%66
Richard PULLANEastvilleUK25:1063.71%230
Rupert JORDANRoundhayUK17:2975.41%34
Simon ROGERSHeatonUK24:4562.63%106
Steve MILNEBasingstokeUK25:5750.80%204
Tobias ADKINSWorkingtonUK18:5967.95%115PB
Tom ELCOCKCroxteth HallUK21:2862.19%245
Tom MASONWoodhouse MoorUK22:4156.87%156

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