parkrunday 14th May 2022

There were 49 HPH Women and 44 HPH Men out parkrunning across 39 different venues this week. Four new venues were added to the HPH list – three in the UK and one in Australia. Philip Fisher added Henlow Bridge Lakes in Bedfordshire where the course is around the lakes at the centre of the associated campsite and angling centre (appropriate for a Fisher). It is also close to RAF Henlow where my dad did his basic training after signing up with the RAF in 1949. Joe Lawley added Markshall Estate near Colchester. The course goes around artificial lakes that were originally dug out by Roundhead troops camped at Markshall Estate during the Siege of Colchester in 1648. Alongside is the site of Earls Colne Airfield which was a bomber station used by the RAF and USAAF between 1942 and 1955. Frazer Carr added Storeys Field in Cambridge. The course is alongside the Storey’s Field Community Centre and Nursery which has won architectural awards including the 2018 Brick Development Association Supreme Award. Cara Gates added Lillydale Lake on the outskirts of Melbourne in Australia. The course is alongside the artificial lake which was constructed as a flood prevention measure in the low lying area around Olinda Creek as well as providing recreational facilities. The park has one of the best children’s playgrounds found throughout Melbourne’s parks and gardens. It has climbing frames, monkey bars, swings and flying foxes (Which I now know is what Australians call a zip wire and is nothing to do with my dad).

There were two first finshing Hyde Park Harriers. These were Michael Vargas in 18:20 at Favorita parkrun in Palermo, Italy and Clare Evans in 25:07 at Middleton Woods. There were 8 PBs. These were by Fleur Siswick with 24:02 at Woodhouse Moor; Alexander Perkin with 24:22 at Roundhay; Paul Dickens with 25:00 at Ally Pally; Alex Fells with 24:37 at Oakwell Hall; Gemma Newman with 26:30 at Bramley; Danni Bryant with 26:23 and Caroline Young with 27:13 at Middleton Woods; and Robin Culshaw with 24:16 at Grove Fields.

Top female Age Grade% was 76.26% by Jane Prust at Isabel Trail and top male Age Grade% was 75.00% by Mike Gallagher at York.

Here are the details of this week’s parkrunning Hyde Park Harriers.

Alison HARGREAVESWoodhouse MoorUK28:1254.55%114
Alys GRIFFITHSArmleyUK27:3853.62%209
Amy RAMSDEN-YOUNGPenrhynUK20:3272.40%166
Anna MOGERYorkUK28:3054.39%234
Anna STOCKSWoodhouse MoorUK21:4268.20%272
Brenda GANNONSouth BankAU24:5964.84%115
Cara GATESLillydale LakeAU23:1064.32%153
Caroline SANDERSHalifaxUK32:0050.10%251
Caroline YOUNGMiddleton WoodsUK27:1354.75%110PB
Charlotte PUGSLEYWoodhouse MoorUK27:3653.62%55
Chloe BROOKSWoodhouse MoorUK24:1960.86%38
Christina EDWARDSMiddleton WoodsUK51:2329.78%183
Claire HOUGHAMHalifaxUK32:3348.34%285
Clare EVANSMiddleton WoodsUK25:0759.06%251
Clare MASONWoodhouse MoorUK44:1138.89%344
Claudia BAUERWoodhouse MoorUK31:1747.95%246
Danni BRYANTMiddleton WoodsUK26:2356.10%78PB
Delyse FORBERWoodhouse MoorUK44:1243.29%284
Ellie SHIPPWoodhouse MoorUK31:2247.18%16
Emma BROWNPenrhynUK33:1544.51%192
Fleur SISWICKWoodhouse MoorUK24:0261.58%27PB
Gemma NEWMANBramleyUK26:3055.85%39PB
Hanna GUL ONGUNWoodhouse MoorUK31:1548.00%90
Jane PRUSTIsabel TrailUK26:1176.26%56
Jasbir BANGERHWoodhouse MoorUK36:0647.60%562
Jo RHODESArmleyUK27:3853.68%175
Joanne LUNDGRENOakwell HallUK39:3637.42%70
Karly STRINGERWoodhouse MoorUK27:5353.97%104
Kate SOLOMONWoodhouse MoorUK31:2147.21%113
Katherine KIRKHAMMiddleton WoodsUK41:3238.24%112
Larissa BROWNDruridge BayUK24:3160.37%96
Laura HASTINGSHalifaxUK37:1140.21%206
Laura KETTLEWELLWoodhouse MoorUK31:4348.87%170
Linda GLENDINNINGWoodhouse MoorUK36:0657.02%277
Liz JONESAncholme Valley WayUK35:5754.75%508
Lizzie COOMBESHalifaxUK28:2962.73%212
Louise GARDHAMHalifaxUK32:0053.02%121
Lucy RIDERPontefractUK35:1443.66%256
Manesha CHAUHANOaklandsUK56:2027.72%125
Matilda RHODESPenrhynUK33:1644.49%182
Nicki DERRICKLong EatonUK27:5453.05%190
Rebecca GRAYWoodhouse MoorUK22:4265.35%277
Robin CULSHAWGrove FieldsUK24:1661.13%55PB
Romina MASOODQueen’sUK35:0542.19%32
Rosalie DANGWoodhouse MoorUK28:2951.96%37
Sarah UNDERWOODWoodhouse MoorUK22:3166.03%133
Sylvia MCLELLANWoodhouse MoorUK35:0944.10%72
Vicky HOUGHTONArmleyUK27:3755.40%370
Vikki HAWKINSFutakotamagawaJP31:2953.89%126


Abdu AHMEDWoodhouse MoorUK20:1763.60%9
Adam SUMNALLWoodhouse MoorUK19:4165.62%74
Alex FELLSOakwell HallUK24:3752.47%61PB
Alexander PERKINRoundhayUK24:2252.94%41PB
Aron FULTONRotherhamUK24:4752.93%162
Ben HARTLEYPotternewtonUK22:4261.97%268
Chris JONESAncholme Valley WayUK27:3460.82%589
Chris LODGEWoodhouse MoorUK22:1758.04%48
Colin TRANTERWoodhouse MoorUK23:1559.57%39
Daniel WAASLincolnUK26:4850.93%361
Frazer CARRStoreys FieldUK17:1674.71%41
Gregor LAWSONWoodhouse MoorUK21:2760.45%76
Jack HOLLANDWoodhouse MoorUK27:2748.63%18
James BOOTHSewerbyUK38:3234.90%234
James UNDERWOODWoodhouse MoorUK27:0248.27%71
Jamie DOBSONLanark MoorUK26:4149.41%276
Jamie RYANLong EatonUK27:1247.49%226
Jason NEWELLBramleyUK26:3755.42%273
Joe LAWLEYMarkshall EstateUK22:4656.81%64
Liam EDWARDSMiddleton WoodsUK51:1329.03%117
Mark HADDRILLWoodhouse MoorUK31:1843.29%256
Matt BARTONWoodhouse MoorUK23:0759.48%175
Matt WOODAlvastonUK22:0859.56%9
Matthew GRAYWoodhouse MoorUK31:1641.58%117
Michael VARGASFavoritaIT18:2072.82%178
Mike GALLAGHERYorkUK18:0475.00%88
Mohammed ASLAMRoundhayUK28:2754.01%186
Niall FLYNNHarrogateUK21:4259.75%43
Nick PAYNEWoodhouse MoorUK23:0858.14%99
Oliver PRYSEWalmer and Deal SeafrontUK23:4556.63%40
Paul DICKENSAlly PallyUK25:0053.07%106PB
Paul FARMERYDalby ForestUK39:1934.72%134
Phil LINDSAYWoodhouse MoorUK30:5257.13%370
Philip FISHERHenlow Bridge LakesUK19:3866.21%198
Rafet ONGUNWoodhouse MoorUK25:5950.74%133
Richard EDWARDSMiddleton WoodsUK26:0754.31%267
Robert BUTLERWetherbyUK24:5456.49%52
Sam DOOLEYHorton ParkUK23:3567.99%266
Sam EDWARDSMiddleton WoodsUK47:0634.71%103
Simon ROGERSHeatonUK23:4866.81%187
Stephen PRUSTIsabel TrailUK34:0047.99%51
Steve BROWNChevin ForestUK41:3637.26%192
Stuart HARRISWoodhouse MoorUK38:1435.70%139
Tom ELCOCKAlice HoltUK25:1854.35%340