parkrunday 16th February 2019

With the improvement in the weather there were hardly any cancellations this week and 102 Hyde Park Harriers turned out across 25 different venues. These included Liz and Chris Jones who popped up at Uditore parkrun in Sicily, Italy. Both recorded excellent performances with Liz finishing as 2nd Female and Chris as 4th Male and both were top of their respective gender Age Grade%s with Liz recording 60.41% and Chris 74.85%.

There were two first finishing Hyde Park Harriers. These were Clare Slorach in a PB time of 19:30 at Woodhouse Moor and Emma Amor in 26:33 at Drumchapel. There were a dozen other PBs. These were by Jonathan Spain with 19:48; Anna Stocks with 20:52; and Alice Webb with 28:08 at Woodhouse Moor; Paul Farmery with 27:00 at York; Greg Billenness with 22:43 at Bradford; Beverley Miller with 27:56 at Pontefract; Aron Fulton with 18:00 at Heslington; Rick Pullan with 24:24 at Middleton Woods; Vicky Houghton with 25:52; Grace Roberts with 32:08 and Poppy Forwood with 45:27 at Armley; and Tami Bond with 30:43 at Potternewton.

Curtis Broadhead and Josh Dawson joined the parkrun 50 club with their runs at Woodhouse Moor and Rother Valley respectively.

Top Age Grade% by the ladies was 75.98% by Clare Slorach at Woodhouse Moor and for the men was 75.62% by Rupert Jordan at Belton House.

Here are the details of all this weekend’s parkrunning Hyde Park Harriers.


Alice WEBBWoodhouse MoorUK28:0852.61%25PB
Alison HARGREAVESWoodhouse MoorUK30:3849.13%48
Alison PULLANWoodhouse MoorUK22:3565.54%74
Alys GRIFFITHSBodelwyddan CastleUK27:5952.89%114
Anna STOCKSWoodhouse MoorUK20:5270.93%175PB
Bernadette BUTLERWoodhouse MoorUK35:2253.35%295
Beverley MILLERPontefractUK27:5665.69%271PB
Cara SASSBodelwyddan CastleUK28:0052.92%62
Carol ROGERSHeatonUK30:0457.93%102
Caroline SANDERSWoodhouse MoorUK26:3258.86%180
Christina EDWARDSWoodhouse MoorUK48:1631.08%134
Claire BOOTHWoodhouse MoorUK27:5453.29%126
Clare EVANSArmleyUK23:1763.56%175
Clare MASONWoodhouse MoorUK41:3739.81%307
Clare MAXWELLWoodhouse MoorUK27:4361.21%267
Clare SLORACHWoodhouse MoorUK19:3075.98%56PB
Claudia BAUERWoodhouse MoorUK27:3353.96%177
Debbie BROWNWoodhouse MoorUK33:3950.42%176
Delyse FORBERWoodhouse MoorUK41:3844.08%255
Diane AYKROYDWoodhouse MoorUK47:1047.21%404
Emma AMORDrumchapelUK26:3355.74%103
Emma BROWNWoodhouse MoorUK24:2360.70%112
Grace ROBERTSArmleyUK32:0846.06%33PB
Hanna GUL ONGUNWoodhouse MoorUK36:3340.67%41
Heather FULTONBodelwyddan CastleUK28:1752.39%94
Hilary M Z LUNDPontefractUK32:4160.22%217
Honor BALDRYWoodhouse MoorUK22:4965.16%49
Jane-Marie BRACCHIWoodhouse MoorUK25:4761.02%96
Jasbir BANGERHWoodhouse MoorUK33:0450.10%463
Jo RHODESBodelwyddan CastleUK28:0052.86%111
Kate SOLOMONWoodhouse MoorUK30:3348.45%67
Kathryn HOGGWoodhouse MoorUK48:1732.90%150
Laura HASTINGSMyrtleUK26:2856.05%146
Liz JONESUditoreIT31:1460.41%418
Lizzie COOMBESWoodhouse MoorUK26:2864.92%119
Lorna MIDWOODStorthes HallUK33:3344.21%98
Lucy RIDERPontefractUK24:2861.85%177
Matilda RHODESYorkUK24:4060.00%115
Naomi ADKINSBodelwyddan CastleUK28:1052.54%111
Naomi KELLETTBodelwyddan CastleUK25:0958.85%103
Nichola MORELANDBodelwyddan CastleUK24:2860.49%48
Nicola FORWOODArmleyUK45:2832.88%461
Pauline TRUSSELLEWoodhouse MoorUK33:2345.33%11
Poppy FORWOODArmleyUK45:2742.98%65PB
Rebecca GRAYBodelwyddan CastleUK25:0459.04%210
Robyn JOHNSONWoodhouse MoorUK32:4045.41%127
Sarah FARNELLWatergroveUK1:02:0225.36%163
Sarah UNDERWOODBodelwyddan CastleUK28:0152.83%65
Sharron NEUGEBAUERWoodhouse MoorUK37:1148.68%255
Tami BONDPotternewtonUK30:4357.41%13PB
Vicky HOUGHTONArmleyUK25:5258.18%271PB
Zeni BELLWOODWoodhouse MoorUK35:2641.77%58


Adam LOMASLyme ParkUK19:0867.42%24
Alex GREENWOODMyrtleUK23:4154.75%29
Alexander BELLRoundhayUK42:0030.71%18
Andrew CARRIERWoodhouse MoorUK19:3166.10%26
Andrew P NICHOLLSFrickley CountryUK23:0969.91%365
Andy JUDDWoodhouse MoorUK28:4652.55%218
Aron FULTONHeslingtonUK18:0072.04%117PB
Bartosz LEWANDOWSKIWoodhouse MoorUK26:1251.34%227
Chris JONESUditoreIT21:4874.85%496
Chris LODGEWoodhouse MoorUK19:4865.15%11
Christopher HASSALLWoodhouse MoorUK25:2152.01%104
Curtis BROADHEADWoodhouse MoorUK22:1657.93%50
Daniel WAASCrystal PalaceUK26:1750.79%259
Graeme MILESPotternewtonUK24:1354.44%88
Greg BILLENNESSBradfordUK22:4363.39%31PB
James BOOTHWoodhouse MoorUK28:3246.20%158
James UNDERWOODWoodhouse MoorUK25:1651.19%33
James VICKERSMiddleton WoodsUK31:4641.76%227
Jamie DOBSONRuchillUK23:1955.75%183
Joe BYRDWoodhouse MoorUK34:3637.48%41
John HAYESPontefractUK32:5946.59%262
Jonathan SPAINWoodhouse MoorUK19:4865.24%19PB
Josh DAWSONRother ValleyUK18:5968.04%50
Mark HADDRILLWoodhouse MoorUK19:5966.39%187
Michael BOWENStorthes HallUK21:4161.18%79
Michael VARGASWoodhouse MoorUK18:0272.74%146
Mike WEBBWoodhouse MoorUK28:4748.87%202
Mohammed ASLAMPontefractUK34:4343.16%103
Nick BROWNWoodhouse MoorUK36:3335.29%60
Nick PAYNEWoodhouse MoorUK19:5965.97%48
Paul DICKENSWoodhouse MoorUK25:1851.58%54
Paul FARMERYYorkUK27:0049.44%93PB
Peter WHITE 2015Woodhouse MoorUK26:1061.27%109
Phil HAMMONDWoodhouse MoorUK35:2444.54%149
Phil LINDSAYWoodhouse MoorUK26:0965.33%310
Philip GOOSEWoodhouse MoorUK19:0467.66%117
Rafet ONGUNWoodhouse MoorUK36:3435.55%73
Richard EDWARDSWoodhouse MoorUK40:4933.93%184
Richard NEALWoodhouse MoorUK25:2459.97%58
Richard PULLANMiddleton WoodsUK24:2465.71%222PB
Robert HOWARDYorkUK18:3169.67%109
Rolf NEUGEBAUERWoodhouse MoorUK35:5643.51%75
Rupert JORDANBelton HouseUK17:2675.62%32
Scott WATSONSheffield HallamUK18:2473.64%125
Simon ROGERSHeatonUK24:4662.58%98
Steve BROWNWoodhouse MoorUK29:5550.08%128
Steve MILNEGibsideUK27:5947.11%196
Stuart HARRISYorkUK26:5949.47%113
Tom ELCOCKBodelwyddan CastleUK24:3954.16%237
Tom WILLIAMSHarrogateUK23:5758.73%266

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