parkrunday 16th July 2022

There were 54 HPH Women and 39 HPH Men out parkrunning across 38 different venues this week. Two new venues were added to the HPH list. These were Gloucester City by Caroline Young and Forfar Loch by Emma Amor. The Gloucester City parkrun course is three flat laps around Gloucester Park in the city centre. Formerly part of the 1815 Spa Pleasure Grounds, Gloucester Park was created by the City Corporation in 1848. The spa is long gone with the pump room that was built to provide the medicinal spring water having been demolished in 1960 and the site is now a car park. However it is still a busy and popular park complete with a cricket pitch; bowling greens; a skate park; and historic statues and monuments. The Forfar Loch parkrun course is a single lap around Forfar Loch Country Park. Kingfisher, otter, fox and roe deer are among the regularly spotted park residents as are fishing osprey during the summer.

There were two first finishing Hyde Park Harriers. These were Alasdair Fellows in 19:24 at Potternewton and Michael Vargas in 18:50 at Chevin Forest. There were eight PBs. These were by Alexander Perkin with 23:40 and Rosalie Dang with 26:11 at Woodhouse Moor; Simon McGrath with 20:40 at Warrington; Faye Stringer with 26:44 at Roundhay; Naomi Miles with 21:03 at Fountains Abbey; Sam Dooley with 24:11 at Middleton Woods; Greg Judges with 18:35 at Armley and Frazer Carr with 18:25 at Roberts Park.

Laura Foster and Catherine Hayward joined the parkrun 50 club with their runs at Woodhouse Moor and Bramley respectively.

Top female Age Grade% was 74.83% by Jane Prust at Bushy and top male Age Grade% was 75.47% by Gordon Crawford at Woodhouse Moor.

Here are the details of this week’s parkrunning Hyde Park Harriers.


Alison HARGREAVESWoodhouse MoorUK29:2352.35%120
Alys GRIFFITHSRoundhayUK25:1158.84%217
Amy RAMSDEN-YOUNGRothay ParkUK21:0470.57%173
Anna J HIGGINSWoodhouse MoorUK27:1554.37%77
Anna MOGERRothwellUK32:2648.15%242
Anna STOCKSRoundhayUK25:1258.73%281
Anne AKERSWoodhouse MoorUK39:4850.17%344
Caroline SANDERSWoodhouse MoorUK28:3356.16%256
Caroline YOUNGGloucester CityUK30:2249.07%112
Catherine HAYWARDBramleyUK32:1546.67%50
Chloe WILSONWoodhouse MoorUK26:1256.49%11
Claire HOUGHAMChevin ForestUK39:2540.30%292
Clare MASONWoodhouse MoorUK41:3241.37%349
Claudia BAUERWoodhouse MoorUK31:4247.48%254
Danni BRYANTGatesheadUK29:1150.71%84
Delyse FORBERWoodhouse MoorUK41:3346.05%289
Eleanor PARKHILLPollokUK34:4742.55%57
Emma AMORForfar LochUK27:3054.18%151
Emma BROWNRothay ParkUK30:2648.63%199
Faye STRINGERRoundhayUK26:4456.61%87PB
Fleur SISWICKWoodhouse MoorUK25:5457.14%30
Gemma NEWMANWoodhouse MoorUK26:3355.74%44
Hannah SUTTONEdinburghUK35:3941.51%4
Helen WILLIAMSHarrogateUK22:4871.05%316
Jane PRUSTBushyUK26:4174.83%64
Jaz BANGERHWoodhouse MoorUK56:5130.23%571
Jo RHODESRothay ParkUK30:1848.95%182
Karly STRINGERWoodhouse MoorUK27:0955.43%113
Kate PANKHURSTWoodhouse MoorUK32:2547.81%124
Katherine LEYRoundhayUK27:3754.80%81
Laura FOSTERWoodhouse MoorUK28:5251.39%50
Lesley-Ann DONNELLWoodhouse MoorUK27:0655.17%166
Liz JONESWhitley BayUK36:0555.33%518
Lorna BOWENPontefractUK44:1133.95%156
Lorraine BEAVISThe Cinder TrackUK34:3160.55%257
Louise GARDHAMChevin ForestUK39:2543.04%126
Lucy RIDERPontefractUK37:0041.89%261
Manesha CHAUHANWormwood ScrubsUK35:2544.09%129
Matilda RHODESWoodhouse MoorUK29:2750.25%187
Michelle DICKSONWoodhouse MoorUK29:0055.29%33
Michelle HANCOCKSWakefield ThornesUK34:0248.09%204
Monika PUGEVICIUTERichmondUK25:0659.10%59
Naomi MILESFountains AbbeyUK21:0370.47%156PB
Nicki DERRICKCliffe CastleUK29:0450.92%198
Nicola WOODWARDFountains AbbeyUK34:1648.93%45
Poppy FORWOODPontypriddUK46:4437.55%155
Robin CULSHAWBramleyUK29:2550.42%59
Robyn JOHNSONFell FootUK34:5842.90%209
Rosalie DANGWoodhouse MoorUK26:1156.52%44PB
Sarah UNDERWOODChevin ForestUK25:5457.53%141
Sophie STUDHOLMECarlisleUK25:5357.18%23
Surinder BHATTIWoodhouse MoorUK32:1150.34%269
Vicky HOUGHTONWoodhouse MoorUK32:2547.20%377
Vikki HAWKINSFutakotamagawaJP30:1256.18%134


Adam SUMNALLRoundhayUK25:1251.26%80
Alasdair FELLOWSPotternewtonUK19:2466.49%13
Alexander PERKINWoodhouse MoorUK23:4054.51%48PB
Aron FULTONBradfordUK27:1548.13%168
Chris JONESWhitley BayUK23:4771.20%599
Chris WORFOLKWoodhouse MoorUK31:0342.46%269
Christopher HASSALLRoberts ParkUK28:1447.64%159
Christopher MANNYorkUK22:2358.30%45
Colin TRANTERWoodhouse MoorUK20:3567.85%40
Dan DONNELLYRoberts ParkUK21:5070.99%141
Daniel WAASLincolnUK27:1050.25%370
Frazer CARRRoberts ParkUK18:2570.05%49PB
Gordon CRAWFORDWoodhouse MoorUK23:0675.47%208
Graeme MILESFountains AbbeyUK23:2657.40%131
Greg JUDGESArmleyUK18:3569.96%30PB
Gregor LAWSONWoodhouse MoorUK22:0258.85%82
Jack ROSEBrabrandDK21:0661.45%151
Jamie DOBSONRiversideUK25:4651.49%283
Jamie RYANCliffe CastleUK29:0444.44%235
Jonathan COADERoundhayUK19:0667.63%13
Mark HADDRILLWoodhouse MoorUK31:4342.72%264
Matt BARTONWoodhouse MoorUK22:3960.71%183
Michael BOWENPontefractUK30:5443.85%119
Michael GARTSIDERoberts ParkUK24:2954.53%48
Michael VARGASChevin ForestUK18:5070.88%181
Mohammed ASLAMWoodhouse MoorUK29:2652.21%195
Nick SHAKHLEVICHWoodhouse MoorUK21:2961.37%29
Paul DICKENSBestwood VillageUK26:4849.81%109
Paul RAMSDENRothay ParkUK33:4842.60%147
Phil HAMMONDWoodhouse MoorUK31:0252.15%184
Philip FISHERChevin ForestUK22:1358.51%205
Richard EDWARDSBramleyUK40:3935.14%271
Richard KNIGHTONYorkUK18:5668.13%41
Rob HEAPChevin ForestUK25:5454.76%65
Robert BUTLERNorth Yorkshire Water ParkUK23:2959.90%61
Sam DOOLEYMiddleton WoodsUK24:1166.30%273PB
Simon MCGRATHWarringtonUK20:4064.19%197PB
Stephen PRUSTBushyUK34:3447.20%60
Tom ELCOCKWythenshaweUK23:3858.18%349