parkrunday 26th March 2022

The women were well on top with 53 HPH Women and 43 HPH Men out parkrunning across 35 different venues this week. Two new venues in England were added. Naomi and Graeme Miles went Way Out West on the Trail of the Lonesome Pine to Ford parkrun in Ulverston – the birthplace of Stan Laurel. Paul Dickens added Great Yarmouth North Beach – which is on the beach alongside the Venetian Waterways and Ornamental Gardens. It is a haven to wildlife, including little terns in the spring and summer. Free dog biscuit treats are available in the gardens whether or not your dog is wearing a harness. Another international parkrun was added by Vikki Hawkins with Yodogawa kasenkoen Hirakata chiku parkrun along the south bank of the river Yodo in Osaka, Japan. A Y and the longest parkrun name on the HPH list.

There were two first finishers. Naomi Miles with 21:39 at Ford and Ben Hartley in a PB time of 20:07 at Potternewton. Perfect running conditions at Woodhouse Moor resulted in eight PBs. These were by Alasdair Fellows with 17:59, Peter Noren with 18:13, Nick Shakhlevich with 20:18, Abdu Ahmed with 22:31, Richard Edwards with 24:43, Caitlin Crockford with 24:50, Abigail Prudhoe with 24:57 and Rosalie Dang with 26:37. There were three other PBs. These were by Frazer Carr with 17:55 at Gorleston; Sam Dooley with 23:01 at Armley; and Robert Butler with 26:04 at Potternewton.

Peter Noren and Ellie Crossley joined the parkrun 50 club with their runs at Woodhouse Moor and Tyne Green respectively.

Top female Age Grade% was 68.51% by Naomi Miles at Ford and top male Age Grade% was 76.46% by Gordon Crawford at Woodhouse Moor.

Here are the details of this week’s parkrunning Hyde Park Harriers.


Abigail PRUDHOEWoodhouse MoorUK24:5759.32%4PB
Alexandra Natalie SMITHRothwellUK35:0542.19%65
Alison HARGREAVESWoodhouse MoorUK34:0444.91%108
Alys GRIFFITHSClapham CommonUK22:5564.65%203
Amy RAMSDEN-YOUNGBlicklingUK23:2763.40%160
Anna J HIGGINSWoodhouse MoorUK27:5453.11%70
Anna STOCKSMyrtleUK28:5951.06%265
Becky WEBBMyrtleUK28:5851.09%71
Beverley MILLERGravesUK30:0463.64%330
Caitlin CROCKFORDWoodhouse MoorUK24:5059.60%10PB
Cara GATESCleethorpesUK22:4665.45%146
Catherine HAYWARDArmleyUK32:5245.79%48
Ciara CROSSANRothwellUK31:0948.15%116
Claire HOUGHAMWoodhouse MoorUK31:2350.13%279
Claire LYONSWoodhouse MoorUK27:3455.80%139
Clare EVANSBarnsleyUK25:2758.28%244
Clare MAXWELLWoodhouse MoorUK27:2364.39%352
Danni BRYANTLeazesUK27:4453.37%73
Debbie BROWNChevin ForestUK38:1146.18%240
Ellie CROSSLEYTyne GreenUK25:5956.96%50
Emma AMORKirkcaldyUK28:2252.41%143
Emma BROWNChevin ForestUK30:0549.20%185
Gemma NEWMANWoodhouse MoorUK29:4949.64%34
Grace ROBERTSLinford WoodUK31:1147.46%76
Heather FULTONMyrtleUK29:2450.68%136
Helen BEDDOWWoodhouse MoorUK29:1750.60%83
Helen WILLIAMSFountains AbbeyUK40:1640.23%305
Hilary M Z LUNDGravesUK33:5960.57%277
Jane MANSFIELDPotternewtonUK32:5657.29%101
Jane PRUSTLancasterUK29:1367.37%49
Jasbir BANGERHWoodhouse MoorUK36:5546.55%555
Jo RHODESChevin ForestUK29:3250.23%169
Karly STRINGERWoodhouse MoorUK27:4454.09%99
Katherine KIRKHAMWoodhouse MoorUK37:5941.82%107
Kathryn HOGGWetherbyUK43:3137.61%159
Laura FOSTERWoodhouse MoorUK29:4949.75%43
Lesley-Ann DONNELLFaelledparkenDK32:1246.27%158
Liz JONESWatergroveUK44:1144.55%502
Lizzie COOMBESWoodhouse MoorUK26:0968.32%206
Lorraine BEAVISWoodhouse MoorUK37:0156.46%248
Louise GARDHAMWoodhouse MoorUK29:4357.09%116
Lucy RIDERPontefractUK24:3162.75%251
Michelle DICKSONWoodhouse MoorUK28:0157.23%24
Naomi MILESFordUK21:3968.51%150
Nicki DERRICKRothwellUK29:4349.80%184
Poppy FORWOODStewartUK49:2535.51%144
Robyn JOHNSONRothay ParkUK29:2351.05%201
Romina MASOODVictoriaUK29:0950.77%30
Rosalie DANGWoodhouse MoorUK26:3755.60%34PB
Sarah FARNELLCentre ValeUK30:2153.38%210
Sarah UNDERWOODWoodhouse MoorUK23:2263.62%127
Vicky HOUGHTONWatergroveUK26:4757.13%363
Vikki HAWKINSYodogawa kasenkoen Hirakata chikuJP31:5053.30%121


Abdu AHMEDWoodhouse MoorUK22:3157.29%3PB
Alasdair FELLOWSWoodhouse MoorUK17:5971.73%6PB
Alex FELLSTyne GreenUK21:3559.85%57
Aron FULTONMyrtleUK29:2644.56%155
Ben HARTLEYPotternewtonUK20:0769.93%262PB
Chris GIGLIARoundhayUK23:4256.33%108
Chris JONESWatergroveUK27:4360.49%583
Chris LODGEWoodhouse MoorUK19:5864.77%46
Chris WORFOLKWoodhouse MoorUK21:0462.58%261
Daniel CLAYTONRothay ParkUK19:2266.61%47
Daniel WAASLincolnUK27:2749.73%354
Frazer CARRGorlestonUK17:5572.00%36PB
Gary GRANTBallincolligIE23:4055.70%136
George SULLIVANWoodhouse MoorUK27:0647.60%140
Gordon CRAWFORDWoodhouse MoorUK22:4876.46%204
Graeme MILESFordUK23:0058.48%128
Jack ROSEYorkUK23:4254.71%144
James BOOTHWoodhouse MoorUK26:3650.56%228
James UNDERWOODWoodhouse MoorUK27:1647.86%67
Jamie DOBSONWoodhouse MoorUK25:1452.25%269
Jamie RYANRothwellUK29:4443.39%220
Jason NEWELLArmleyUK28:4051.45%270
Joe HOGGWetherbyUK27:5954.02%301
John PRATTWoodhouse MoorUK19:0371.13%91
Jonathan SPAINWoodhouse MoorUK19:5665.22%68
Matt BARTONBlackpoolUK22:5460.04%169
Nick SHAKHLEVICHWoodhouse MoorUK20:1864.61%22PB
Paul DICKENSGreat Yarmouth North BeachUK30:4543.14%101
Paul RAMSDENBlicklingUK23:2761.41%138
Paul SAWYERWoodhouse MoorUK20:4364.92%173
Peter NORENWoodhouse MoorUK18:1370.81%50PB
Peter WHITE 2015Woodhouse MoorUK34:1548.08%176
Phil LINDSAYWoodhouse MoorUK31:4355.60%364
Rafet ONGUNWoodhouse MoorUK26:5648.95%132
Ralph KIDNERWoodhouse MoorUK35:4948.16%332
Richard EDWARDSWoodhouse MoorUK24:4357.38%261PB
Robert BUTLERPotternewtonUK26:0453.58%46PB
Sam DOOLEYArmleyUK23:0169.66%260PB
Simon ROGERSHeatonUK24:4264.37%181
Stephen PRUSTLancasterUK38:4942.04%44
Steve RHODESChevin ForestUK29:3353.81%114
Tom ELCOCKWatergroveUK27:0750.34%334
Tom WILLIAMSFountains AbbeyUK29:5348.19%290