parkrunday 29th June 2019

There were 83 Hyde Park Harriers out parkrunning across 34 different venues – all in the UK – this week. Three new venues were added to the Hyde Park Harriers’ list. These were Castlewellan in Northern Ireland – home of the Peace Maze which is one of the longest permanent hedge mazes in the world by Heather Fulton; Crathes Castle near Aberdeen by Emma Amor; and Sloughbottom Park in Norwich by Poppy and Nicola Forwood.

There were no first finishing Hyde Park Harriers this week though Emma Brown was 2nd female at Medina I.O.W. with a PB time of 23:44, Lucy Rider was 2nd female at Middleton Woods in 25:48 and Anna Stocks was 2nd female at Heslington in 20:10. There were six other PBs. These were by Leigh Schelvis with 23:48, Faye Stringer with 23:52 and Karly Stringer with 27:59 at Woodhouse Moor; Matilda Rhodes with 24:36 at Harrogate; and Alys Griffiths with 24:24 and Richard Edwards with 25:12 at Armley where there was an ice cream incentive.

Hanna Gul Ongun joined the parkrun 50 club with her run at Woodhouse Moor.

Top Age Grade% by the ladies was 73.91% by Anna Stocks and for the men was 79.14% by Chris Jones with both being at Heslington.

Here are the details of all this weekend’s parkrunning Hyde Park Harriers.


Zeni BELLWOODWoodhouse MoorUK31:0547.61%67
Vicky HOUGHTONStretfordUK24:5060.60%290
Teejay JONESWoodhouse MoorUK43:0835.24%69
Susie BARRETTMiddleton WoodsUK37:2861.43%84
Sharron NEUGEBAUERWoodhouse MoorUK54:1833.79%271
Robyn JOHNSONWoodhouse MoorUK30:0749.36%144
Rachel BURTBrockwellUK23:3062.98%14
Poppy FORWOODSloughbottomUK47:0141.55%80
Nicola FORWOODSloughbottomUK47:0231.79%479
Monika PUGEVICIUTEWoodhouse MoorUK23:2063.43%18
Michelle HANCOCKSNostellUK30:5850.81%150
Matilda RHODESHarrogateUK24:3660.16%126PB
Manesha CHAUHANCannon HillUK53:4628.46%108
Lucy RIDERMiddleton WoodsUK25:4858.91%192
Lorraine BEAVISWoodhouse MoorUK33:5358.93%201
Lorna MIDWOODConcordUK32:0746.29%115
Lizzie COOMBESBakewellUK26:3764.56%136
Kay JEFFERIESWoodhouse MoorUK43:1040.35%324
Katherine LEYRoundhayUK27:2454.56%64
Karly STRINGERWoodhouse MoorUK27:5953.25%44PB
Julie ROBSONWoodhouse MoorUK35:3748.90%130
Judith MEADOWSWoodhouse MoorUK31:2352.15%24
Joanne LUNDGRENDruridge BayUK34:0243.49%68
Jo RHODESKeswickUK28:2552.08%125
Jasbir BANGERHWoodhouse MoorUK54:2430.45%481
Jane-Marie BRACCHIAlbertUK25:2861.78%112
Hilary M Z LUNDNostellUK30:2764.64%232
Heather FULTONCastlewellanUK25:3357.99%104
Hanna GUL ONGUNWoodhouse MoorUK40:2836.74%50
Faye STRINGERWoodhouse MoorUK23:5262.64%47PB
Emma BROWNMedina I.O.W.UK23:4462.36%127PB
Emma AMORCrathes CastleUK26:4055.56%112
Eleanor COLMANPotternewtonUK54:4427.10%46
Delyse FORBERWoodhouse MoorUK43:0942.53%265
Claudia BAUERWoodhouse MoorUK29:0351.29%189
Clare MAXWELLDoncasterUK27:2662.64%282
Clare MASONWoodhouse MoorUK43:1038.38%320
Claire HOUGHAMDoncasterUK31:5548.20%208
Caroline SANDERSDoncasterUK27:0357.73%194
Carol ROGERSHeatonUK28:1562.42%116
Cara SASSMarshall DriveUK25:3357.99%81
Anna STOCKSHeslingtonUK20:1073.39%193
Alys GRIFFITHSArmleyUK24:2460.66%133PB


Tom MASONArmleyUK22:4756.62%167
Tom ELCOCKFrickley CountryUK28:1947.50%257
Steve MILNEMyrtleUK27:5547.22%216
Simon ROGERSHeatonUK22:1069.92%114
Simon MCGRATHCross FlattsUK22:0958.92%142
Richard PULLANConyngham HallUK26:4160.65%240
Richard EDWARDSArmleyUK25:1255.42%196PB
Rafet ONGUNWoodhouse MoorUK39:5232.61%83
Philip FISHERNostellUK19:1367.22%135
Phil LINDSAYWoodhouse MoorUK32:1353.03%319
Phil HAMMONDWoodhouse MoorUK28:2055.65%158
Peter WHITE 2015BakewellUK30:0253.88%124
Mohammed ASLAMHuddersfieldUK26:1457.12%122
Mike WEBBWoodhouse MoorUK23:4959.06%219
Michael VARGASWoodhouse MoorUK17:0476.86%160
Michael BOWENConcordUK21:5560.53%96
Matthew SMITHWoodhouse MoorUK38:3634.15%42
Leigh SCHELVISWoodhouse MoorUK23:4855.11%30PB
Josh DAWSONArmleyUK20:2663.30%52
John PRATTWoodhouse MoorUK19:2868.58%46
John HAYESHuddersfieldUK25:0561.26%269
John BLATHERWICKBarnsleyUK25:3650.65%208
Joe BYRDPotternewtonUK54:4923.72%55
Jeremy FORBERWoodhouse MoorUK43:1136.82%105
Jamie DOBSONPontefractUK24:1054.00%202
Jack ROSERoundhayUK24:1953.05%102
Edward PRESTONWoodhouse MoorUK26:5248.14%18
Daniel WAASDulwichUK26:2950.41%278
Daniel SMITHBradfordUK23:0256.66%48
Curtis PARKER-MILNESSheringhamUK27:4246.57%140
Curtis LEDGERMiddleton WoodsUK54:0226.03%35
Curtis BROADHEADWoodhouse MoorUK23:4654.28%65
Chris WORFOLKWoodhouse MoorUK29:4743.65%206
Chris LODGEWoodhouse MoorUK19:5564.77%17
Chris JONESHeslingtonUK20:3779.14%514
Chris BRACCHIAlbertUK33:5245.37%104
Ben HARTLEYWoodhouse MoorUK32:1442.66%230
Bartosz LEWANDOWSKIWoodhouse MoorUK25:1953.52%238
Andrew P NICHOLLSSouth OxheyUK24:1866.60%383
Adam JOWETTHarrogateUK26:1149.52%17

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