parkrunday 2nd February 2019

With lots of parkruns being called off due to the icy conditions and the threat of polar bears it wasn’t too surprising that the number of Hyde Park Harriers out parkrunning this week was down a bit from normal. Still 62 made it out across 14 different venues – all in the UK. These included two in Scotland – Jamie Dobson in Strathclyde and Tami Bond in St Andrews.

Amy Young was the only first finishing Hyde Park Harrier – in her first visit to the latest Yorkshire venue of Storthes Hall near Huddersfield – in a time of 22:22. There was also only one PB. This was by Rachel Burt in 23:36 at Brockwell.

Carol Rogers joined the parkrun 100 club with her run at Heaton.

Top Age Grade% by the ladies was 66.17% by Amy Young at Storthes Hall and for the men was 74.96% by Chris Jones at Woodhouse Moor.

Here are the details of all this weekend’s parkrunning Hyde Park Harriers.


Alice WEBBWoodhouse MoorUK31:1447.39%23
Alison PULLANWoodhouse MoorUK25:2058.42%72
Alys GRIFFITHSWoodhouse MoorUK27:1554.31%112
Amy YOUNGStorthes HallUK22:2266.17%80
Anna STOCKSRoundhayUK24:5459.44%173
Bernadette BUTLERWoodhouse MoorUK36:5651.08%293
Cara SASSWoodhouse MoorUK27:1654.34%60
Carol ROGERSHeatonUK29:0559.89%100
Caroline SANDERSWoodhouse MoorUK29:3552.79%179
Claire HOUGHAMStorthes HallUK44:3434.52%191
Clare EVANSWoodhouse MoorUK29:3350.08%173
Clare MAXWELLStorthes HallUK32:1752.56%265
Debbie BROWNWoodhouse MoorUK33:0351.34%174
Eleanor COLMANWetherbyUK37:0839.95%29
Fiona BLYTHWoodhouse MoorUK23:2265.48%108
Jasbir BANGERHWoodhouse MoorUK34:2048.25%461
Liz JONESWoodhouse MoorUK34:3454.58%416
Lizzie COOMBESWoodhouse MoorUK27:3562.30%117
Lorna MIDWOODRothwellUK32:1146.09%97
Lucy RIDERWoodhouse MoorUK26:5956.08%175
Naomi ADKINSWoodhouse MoorUK27:3353.72%110
Nichola MORELANDStorthes HallUK25:0359.08%47
Nicola FORWOODWoodhouse MoorUK57:3325.98%459
Poppy FORWOODWoodhouse MoorUK57:3233.95%63
Rachel BURTBrockwellUK23:3662.71%8PB
Robyn JOHNSONWoodhouse MoorUK35:3841.63%125
Samantha WHITAKERWoodhouse MoorUK35:4947.98%165
Sarah MARKLESSCross FlattsUK23:3162.93%59
Sharron NEUGEBAUERWoodhouse MoorUK35:4850.56%254
Tami BONDSt AndrewsUK30:1058.45%11
Vicky HOUGHTONRoundhayUK30:2749.43%269


Adam SUMNALLRoundhayUK24:5351.84%53
Andrew P NICHOLLSStorthes HallUK25:5862.32%364
Ben HARTLEYWoodhouse MoorUK22:2561.34%224
Chris BRACCHIWoodhouse MoorUK30:4150.08%86
Chris CARRICKWoodhouse MoorUK26:3351.79%183
Chris JONESWoodhouse MoorUK21:4674.96%494
Conor GOOLDWoodhouse MoorUK22:0858.36%23
Curtis BROADHEADWoodhouse MoorUK22:5956.13%49
Daniel WAASLincolnUK26:2950.41%257
Graeme MILESWoodhouse MoorUK27:0848.59%87
James UNDERWOODWoodhouse MoorUK26:3248.74%32
Jamie DOBSONStrathclydeUK23:2255.63%181
Joe BYRDWetherbyUK25:0551.69%39
John BLATHERWICKWoodhouse MoorUK24:1753.40%191
John HAYESWoodhouse MoorUK26:3357.88%261
John PRATTWoodhouse MoorUK21:0962.73%36
Mark HADDRILLWoodhouse MoorUK20:4563.94%185
Michael BOWENRothwellUK20:1965.30%78
Mike WEBBWoodhouse MoorUK29:3447.58%201
Mohammed ASLAMWoodhouse MoorUK29:0151.64%101
Nick PAYNEWoodhouse MoorUK20:3464.10%47
Phil LINDSAYWoodhouse MoorUK28:1760.40%308
Philip GOOSEWoodhouse MoorUK18:1770.56%115
Richard NEALWoodhouse MoorUK30:1150.47%56
Richard PULLANTemple NewsamUK25:1363.58%220
Simon MCGRATHWoodhouse MoorUK22:4757.06%131
Simon ROGERSHeatonUK26:3458.34%96
Steve BROWNWoodhouse MoorUK33:0345.34%126
Steve MILNEValentinesUK25:5350.93%194
Tobias ADKINSWoodhouse MoorUK19:3266.04%110
Tom ELCOCKCrosbyUK22:4658.64%235