parkrunday 2nd July 2022

There were 46 HPH Women and 41 HPH Men out parkrunning across 29 different venues this week. Three new venues were added to the HPH list. These were Sutton Manor near St Helens by Tom Elcock; Ruthin Memorial Playing Fields in North Wales by Philip Fisher; and Donaupark in Austria by Alys Griffiths. Sutton Manor is a 230 acre site located in St Helens next to the M62 on the former Sutton Manor Colliery. In 2001 the former spoil heap was transformed into a community woodland and wildlife haven for the local community and visitors to enjoy. Over 2 million trees were planted. Jaume Plensa’s impressive Dream sculpture sits on the apex of the former spoil heap and can be seen from miles around. Donau Park in Vienna was built in 1964 on the site of a rubbish dump and a former parade ground that was a notorious site of executions during the Nazi years. Nowadays the park’s landmark is the 250 metre tall Danube Tower, which offers a 360 degree view over the entire city as well as bungee jumps. It also has a giant chess board, skatepark and a petting zoo.

There were six first finishing Hyde Park Harriers. These were Felicity Burton in a PB time of 19:35 at Woodhouse Moor; Amy Ramsden-Young in a PB time of 22:16 at Cliffe Castle; Rupert Jordan in a PB time of 18:03 at Chevin Forest; Philip Fisher in 19:14 at Ruthin Memorial Playing Fields; and Jamie Ryan with 25:18 & Nicki Derrick with 27:48 at Favorita in Sicily, Italy. There were six other PBs. These were by Fleur Siswick with 23:54 at Woodhouse Moor; Dominic O’Key with 19:01 at Markeaton; Alexander Perkin with 23:54 at Roundhay; and Anna Stocks with 21:02, Sam Dooley with 24:41 and Chris Jones with 25:39 at Chevin Forest.

Top female Age Grade% was 75.57% by Felicity Burton at Woodhouse Moor and top male Age Grade% was 74.52% by Rupert Jordan at Chevin Forest.

Here are the details of this week’s parkrunning Hyde Park Harriers.


Abigail PRUDHOEWoodhouse MoorUK25:1258.73%7
Alexandra Natalie SMITHChevin ForestUK31:1547.36%72
Alison HARGREAVESWoodhouse MoorUK26:2258.34%118
Alys GRIFFITHSDonauparkAT23:3462.87%215
Amy RAMSDEN-YOUNGCliffe CastleUK22:1666.77%171PB
Anna J HIGGINSWoodhouse MoorUK27:1554.37%75
Anna MOGERYorkUK27:4655.82%241
Anna STOCKSChevin ForestUK21:0270.36%279PB
Anne AKERSWoodhouse MoorUK38:1052.31%343
Becky WEBBChevin ForestUK31:1647.33%76
Cara GATESCleethorpesUK22:3266.12%159
Carol ROGERSHeatonUK37:4648.59%163
Clare EVANSChevin ForestUK25:5557.23%255
Clare MASONWoodhouse MoorUK39:2743.56%348
Claudia BAUERWoodhouse MoorUK31:0748.37%253
Debbie BROWNBeckenham PlaceUK33:1852.95%247
Delyse FORBERWoodhouse MoorUK39:3248.40%288
Ellie CROSSLEYLingwoodUK26:4555.33%55
Ellie SHIPPWoodhouse MoorUK1:03:3023.31%21
Emma BROWNChevin ForestUK37:5739.00%197
Felicity BURTONWoodhouse MoorUK19:3575.57%6PB
Fleur SISWICKWoodhouse MoorUK23:5461.92%29PB
Frances ANDREWSWoodhouse MoorUK51:4028.84%25
Gemma NEWMANWoodhouse MoorUK27:4253.43%42
Helen BEDDOWWoodhouse MoorUK29:0950.83%92
Helen WILLIAMSFountains AbbeyUK30:2853.17%315
Jaz BANGERHWoodhouse MoorUK33:0851.86%569
Jo RHODESChevin ForestUK29:1950.60%180
Karly STRINGERWoodhouse MoorUK28:5851.96%111
Kate SOLOMONWoodhouse MoorUK30:3648.37%115
Laura FOSTERWoodhouse MoorUK27:4553.45%49
Laura HASTINGSBramleyUK29:1051.26%210
Lesley-Ann DONNELLWoodhouse MoorUK29:1551.11%164
Liz JONESChevin ForestUK39:4750.19%516
Lorna BOWENPontefractUK46:2232.35%154
Matilda RHODESChevin ForestUK37:5539.03%185
Monika PUGEVICIUTEAldenhamUK26:2356.22%58
Naomi MILESRoundhayUK23:5462.06%155
Nicki DERRICKFavoritaIT27:4853.24%196
Poppy FORWOODHuddersfieldUK50:0135.09%154
Rebecca GRAYRoundhayUK23:5362.11%280
Robin CULSHAWBramleyUK31:1247.54%58
Rosalie DANGWoodhouse MoorUK1:03:3023.31%42
Sophie STUDHOLMEWoodhouse MoorUK25:3457.89%21
Surinder BHATTIWoodhouse MoorUK33:0548.97%267
Vikki HAWKINSFutakotamagawaJP31:1854.21%132


Adam SUMNALLRoundhayUK22:3457.24%79
Alex FELLSLingwoodUK22:3357.35%63
Alexander PERKINRoundhayUK23:5453.97%47PB
Andrew P NICHOLLSRoma PinetoIT25:1066.03%415
Ben HARTLEYWoodhouse MoorUK21:0766.61%274
Chris HARRISChevin ForestUK23:1856.29%17
Chris JONESChevin ForestUK25:3965.37%597PB
Chris LODGEWoodhouse MoorUK22:1858.15%51
Christopher MANNArmleyUK22:1858.52%44
Curtis LEDGERWoodhouse MoorUK53:4026.83%68
Daniel WAASJerseyUK27:2049.94%368
Dominic O’KEYMarkeatonUK19:0168.01%110PB
Elijah WOODSWoodhouse MoorUK51:4034.45%2
Frazer CARRBramleyUK21:4359.40%47
Gregor LAWSONWoodhouse MoorUK21:1261.16%80
Ives SOLOWoodhouse MoorUK30:4148.83%162
Jake HARRISHighbury FieldsUK23:1055.97%23
James UNDERWOODBurgessUK25:0152.43%76
Jamie DOBSONDrumpellier CountryUK26:1950.41%281
Jamie RYANFavoritaIT25:1851.05%233
Jason NEWELLArmleyUK27:1154.26%279
Joe LAWLEYChevin ForestUK24:0753.63%66
John HAYESWoodhouse MoorUK32:5447.92%292
John NELLTHORPWoodhouse MoorUK26:5454.83%23
Mark HADDRILLWoodhouse MoorUK31:0643.57%263
Matt BARTONWoodhouse MoorUK22:1661.75%182
Michael BOWENPontefractUK30:3644.28%117
Michael GARTSIDEBramleyUK31:5041.94%47
Mohammed ASLAMWoodhouse MoorUK30:3850.16%193
Paul JONESWoodhouse MoorUK29:0048.51%149
Paul RAMSDENCliffe CastleUK34:5241.30%146
Phil LINDSAYWoodhouse MoorUK31:0756.67%375
Philip FISHERRuthin Memorial Playing FieldsUK19:1467.59%204
Rafet ONGUNWoodhouse MoorUK25:4151.33%137
Robert BUTLERRothay ParkUK24:0458.45%59
Rupert JORDANChevin ForestUK18:0374.52%60PB
Sam DOOLEYChevin ForestUK24:4164.96%271PB
Simon MCGRATHWarringtonUK21:0662.88%196
Simon ROGERSHeatonUK25:4461.79%193
Stephen PRUSTPotternewtonUK54:1630.07%58
Tom ELCOCKSutton ManorUK26:2152.18%347