The 3rd round of the PECO XC saw the clubs arriving at West Park for an approx. 5.2 mile course.  It also doubled up as the final round of the HPH Off Road championship.

It was our best turn out for an Off Road round and PECO so far this season with 28 men and 26 ladies taking the start.


It was again the mens race that went off first and the HPH men had a lot of work to do to in the league as they were bottom of the premier division after 2 rounds.  There has been talk of spread sheets and pressure being applied to get some more of our group 8 men out as they start the fight back and it seemed to have worked.


The first mile took runners around the outside of the football pitches and back past the ladies who were in good cheering form as they waited to start.  Soon it was off into the woods and a few climbs and there was a bit more mud around then at the first two rounds.

The final mile of the course took you back round the fields that were used at the start and the first Harrier into sight was yet again Alec Francis who came home in 18th and a time of 31.24.  The men soon came in thick and fast with some brilliant battles going on.  Philip Goose was next in 27th (32.17), then in 29th Michael Vargas and 30th George Anderson both getting 32.26.


Angus Milne wasn’t much further back in 38th and a time of 33.05.  All of the first 5 Harriers were scoring in the clubs 2nd division of the Off road championship.  Jimmy Sheldon was next home in 57th (33.57), then 60th Scott Watson (34.02) and the final point scorer for PECO was Ben Hartley in 86th (34.46).  These 3 all scored in the club 1st division.

As well as our first 8 men scoring well our next group of men all came home strongly taking points off other clubs.  Michael Taylor had only been 1 second behind Ben before Adam Lomas and Mike Gallagher came in on the same time of 35.09 in 97th and 98th.

The first club championship Premier division scorer was Colin Tranter in 35.28 in 107th.  In total 461 men finished, we lost Tom Thomas  early on with a slight injury but the battles continued right through out the field.

When the final scores were in the men had finished 2nd in the Premier division just behind Valley Striders which moves them off the bottom of the table as they climb above Kirkstall Harriers and now level on points with Wetherby runners.  Still plenty of work to do but back in the fight.

Next up was the ladies race and the HPH ladies are in top form this season having taken top spot in the 1st division at the first two rounds.  In those races they had been lead home by Meghan but with her missing the other ladies still put in a storming performance.

Rebecca Gray was first Harrier home in 28th and a time of 39.59.  She also claimed top points in the club premier division.

The next 4 PECO scoring ladies all came in very close together producing a strong team performance. Claire Geeson came home 54th (42.30), then Reena Mistry in 59th (42.41), Caroline Young in 61st (42.51) and then Harriet Shaw in 68th (43.24).  Reena claimed top points for the club off road 2nd division and Caroline the 1st division.


As with the men the ladies were strong through out the field with some really close battles and the strong finishes we have come to expect.  When the scores were in they had done it again.  The ladies took top spot in the 1st division extending there lead to 6 points over Chapel Allerton runners and can secure the crown at the next round.

It was an excellent day for HPH and the atmosphere was amazing again.

Thanks to Philip Bland for the action pics.


Position Name Time Division Position Name Time Division
18th Alec Francis 31.24 2nd 28th Rebecca Gray 39.59 Prem
27th Philip Goose 32.17 2nd 54th Claire Booth 42.3 Prem
29th Michael Vargas 32.26 2nd 59th Reena Mistry 42.41 2nd
30th George Anderson 32.26 2nd 61st Caroline Young 42.51 1st
38th Angus Milne 33.05 2nd 68th Harriet Shaw 43.24 2nd
57th Jimmy Sheldon 33.57 1st 98th Lois Gardner 45.13 1st
60th Scott Watson 34.02 1st 123rd Matilda Rhodes 46.54 2nd
86th Ben Hartley 34.46 1st 132nd Laura Arendsen 47.14 2nd
87th Michael Taylor 34.47 2nd 134th Naomi Farrar 47.17 2nd
97th Adam Lomas 35.09 2nd 140th Laura Cummings 47.49 Prem
98th Mike Gallagher 35.09 1st 144th Claudia Bauer 48.07 2nd
107th Colin Tranter 35.28 Prem 153rd Maika Ohno 48.22 2nd
143rd Aron Hinds 36.29 1st 168th Dote Stone 49.06 1st
188th James Booth 38.12 Prem 169th Clare Evans 49.08 1st
196th Gary Grant 38.30 2nd 183rd Heather Fulton 49.49 2nd
239th Curtis Broadhead 40.09 2nd 186th Caroline Sanders 49.56 1st
262nd Jack Rose 41.01 2nd 206th Samantha Scarlett 51.14 2nd
355th John Hayes 45.41 1st 219th Joanne Kavanagh 52.07 Prem
362nd Ralph Kidner 45.53 1st 238th Lucy Rider 53.04 1st
387th Rick Pullan 46.48 1st 253rd Emma Amor 53.58 1st
390th Richard Edwards 47.00 Prem 260th Laura Edwards 54.14 2nd
402nd Bartosz Lewandowski 47.54 1st 268th Ciara Crossan 55.02 1st
410th Paul Dickens 48.56 2nd 270th Johanna Rhodes 55.08 2nd
425th Phil Hammond 50.19 Prem 321st Hannah Roberts 1.01.53 2nd
438th John Blatherwick 52.26 1st 325th Eleanor Parkhill 1.02.20 2nd
442nd Stuart Smith 52.48 2nd DNF Catherine Hayward
456th Matthew Gray 58.47 1st
DNF Tom Thomas