PECO Round 1 – Temple Newsam

The PECO Cross Country series is always very popular with all the local clubs.  5 rounds of muddy fun and even though its always nice to do well for yourself this is all about the team.

The top 8 men and top 5 ladies score points but everyone else can take points off other teams.  If you see a different club vest in front of you going into the finish you have to go for it.  With nearly 100 club members registering there interest, it shows how much the club take this seriously.


It was great to see many new faces as well as returning regulars getting ready for the Temple Newsam rounds.  The men set off first on the one lap course which included a couple of cracking hills  but very little mud.  26 Harrier men took part in a field of 495.

Alec Francis on his PECO debut was 1st Harrier home in an excellent 17th with another 1st timer Michael Vargas 21st just 16 seconds back.


3rd Harrier was Matthew Pinnock in 32nd then there was a bit of a gap until the next batch which included Aron Hinds (109th), Michael Taylor (138th), Colin Tranter (145th), James Booth (169th) and final point scorer Colin Grant in 188th.


There was some cracking runs throughout the field and the final result saw the men finishing –

6th out of 7 in the Premier Division,  8th out of 12 in the Vets.  In the second teams – Team B were 9th and Team C were 22nd.

While the men did well the ladies team smashed it with an excellent performance.  25 Harriers in a field of 381 with Meghan Bentley 1st back in an excellent 16th overall.  Swapping to the red and white vest this year was definitely a bonus to us as Renna Mistry was next home in 50th.

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Jennifer Gridley was back running and home in 60th, Caroline Young 68th and the new Mrs Booth, Claire taking the final points scoring place in 79th.

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The rest of the ladies team were well placed through out the field and were putting in some storming finishes while being shouted home by the men’s team.  It was a great performance all round.

1st out of 7 in the 1st division, 9th out of 12 in the Vets.  In the second teams – Team B were 3rd, Team C were 14th, Team D were 26th and Team E were 38th.

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Next up Middleton Woods and our round to organise.

Photos thanks to Philip Bland

Peco 1 Men Pos Time Peco 1 Ladies Pos Time
Alec Francis 17th 27.37 A Meghan Bentley 16th 33.21 A
Michael Vargas 21st 27.53 A Reena Mistry 50th 36.19 A
Matthew Pinnock 32nd 28.37 A Jennifer Gridley 60th 36.52 A
Aron Hinds 109th 31.25 A Caroline Young 68th 37.08 A
Michael Taylor 138th 32.04 A Claire Geeson 79th 38.09 A
Colin Tranter 145th 32.21 A Lois Gardner 85th 38.20 B
James Booth 169th 33.05 A Clare Evans 97th 39.11 B
Colin Grant 188th 33.27 A Julia Herterich 122nd 40.15 B
Steve Rhodes 216th 34.19 B Laura Cummings 127th 40.24 B
Curtis Broadhead 245th 35.01 B Claudia Bauer 133rd 40.37 B
Farhad Hamad 247th 35.05 B Naomi Farrar 172nd 42.14 C
Tom Martin 254th 35.17 B Maika Ohno 178th 42.34 C
Graeme Miles 274th 35.52 B Lucy Rider 179th 42.38 C
Chris Jones 288th 36.26 B Matilda Rhodes 188th 43.19 C
John Blatherwick 302nd 37.00 B Samantha Scarlett 205th 43.55 C
Jonathan Mason 325th 37.50 B Heather Fulton 219th 44.38 D
Jason Newell 333rd 38.06 C Caroline Sanders 222nd 44.42 D
John Hayes 341st 38.16 C Laura Edwards 253rd 46.07 D
Gordon Crawford 385th 39.29 C Emma Amor 275th 47.33 D
Ralph Kidner 401st 40.04 C Johanna Rhodes 292nd 48.17 D
Richard Edwards 425th 41.03 C Eleanor Parkhill 300th 48.39 E
Paul Dickens 436th 41.48 C Ciara Crossan 328th 50.24 E
Phil Hammond 469th 44.52 C Victoria Taylor 356th 53.32 E
Matthew Gray 481st 47.58 C Clare Mason 366th 55.00 E
Michael Mason 485th 48.21 Kay Jefferies 373rd 57.14 E
Trevor Raddings 494th 55.51