PECO Round 3 Middleton Woods

January 3rd saw the 3rd round of the PECO Cross Country Championship taking place at Middleton Woods.  After lots of rain over Christmas which saw large parts of Leeds flooded this was always going to be another mudfest.  Even after Christmas and New Year excess we still had an excellent turnout of 26 men and 24 ladies and what a performance it turned out to be.

A strong performance by David Driver saw him leading home the Hyde Park Harriers men in 12th, with Stan Karanasios next in 26th and Oliver Leonard in 36th.  Philip Goose was only 5 seconds behind and also scoring for the A team were Anthony Aimon, Mike Gallagher, James Booth and Tom Pollard.



It was a strong performance all round and produced a final position of 3rd in the Premier division.  This leaves the men 4th out of 7 teams after 3 rounds but only 1 point behind 3rd.  The mens vets team aren’t scoring to highly but the B team were a strong 3rd and we also we had a C team score in 13th out of 15 teams.

The mens result was good but the ladies teams performance was excellent and saw them win the 1st division.  Rachel Bourne was first home in 17th, Rebecca Rogers 22nd, Monica Padilla 26th, Robin Culshaw 38th and Caroline Young in 55th.  This leaves the ladies 5th in the 1st division out of 7 but only 1.5 points behind 2nd.  The ladies B team were strong in 3rd, and a C and D team scored.



There was strong performances through out the field with the usually sprint finishes but the competition for who was the muddiest was easy to decide with Jaz taking the honours.


The next round is on the 24th at Golden Acre and hopefully we can have another excellent turnout.

Thanks to Phil Hammond for the pics.

Peco 3 Men Pos Time Peco 3 Ladies Pos Time
David Driver 12th 31.12 A Rachel Bourne 17th 39.24 A
Stan Karanasios 26th 32.35 A Rebecca Rogers 22nd 40.17 A
Oliver Leonard 36th 33.11 A Monica Padilla 26th 40.30 A
Philip Goose 39th 33.16 A Robin Culshaw 38th 41.22 A
Anthony Aimon 60th 34.24 A Caroline Young 55th 42.43 A
Mike Gallagher 65th 34.31 A Helen Close 62nd 43.15
James Booth 81st 35.17 A Lucy Rider 92nd 45.57
Tom Pollard 97th 35.47 A Nicola Shenton 93rd 45.59
Colin Tranter 106th 36.04 Laura Cummings 103rd 46.47
George Bilsby 122nd 36.47 Dote Stone 112th 47.29
Charlie Jackett 126th 36.56 Vicky Houghton 121st 48.10
Tom Eales 162nd 38.20 Lois Gardner 134th 49.10
Jimmy Sheldon 170th 38.32 Clare Evans 145th 49.41
Chris Taylor 174th 38.45 Joanne Kavanagh 151st 50.15
Tom Mason 190th 39.25 Caroline Sanders 166th 51.24
David Womersley 192nd 39.27 Nicola Forwood 215th 56.04
Paul Sawyer 203rd 39.49 Laura Edwards 232nd 57.53
Ken Fox 225th 40.32 Catherine Hayward 233rd 57.54
Rick Pullan 292nd 44.51 Sarah Baker 256th 1.00.40
John Blatherwick 310th 46.07 Claire Hougham 258th 1.00.46
Daniel Waas 316th 46.34 Kay Jefferies 274th 1.03.48
Stuart Smith 347th 50.15 Liz Jones 282nd 1.07.40
Richard Edwards 350th 50.30 Clare Mason 286th 1.11.01
Rodrigo Piers Dos Santos 362nd 52.31 Jasbir Bangerh 287th 1.11.01
Michael Mason 380th 55.40
Ben Hartley DNF