PECO Round 4

The 4th round of the PECO Cross Country championship saw us heading to Golden Acre park for a 2 lap course.  Different format this time out with the Ladies going first giving the Men chance to cheer them on and the Ladies were then out in force to return the complement.

A good course with plenty of mud again especially in the bottom field.  Hyde Park Harriers were out in force again even if the numbers were slightly down due to people being away and a few injured.  We had 20 men and 24 ladies out this time and it was great to see some new faces.

The men’s team were 6th out of 7 in the Premier division.  Stan Karanasios lead the men home in 27th only one place and 6 seconds ahead of George Anderson.  Anthony Aimon wasn’t far back in 32nd with Colin Tranter, Scott Henderson, Gary Grant, Farhad Hamad and Aron Hinds scoring for the A team.

Peco4h Peco4I Peco4J Peco4K Peco4L Peco4M Peco4n Peco4O

Helen Close lead home the ladies in 30th place as they finished 5th out of 7 in the 1st division.  Caroline Young was 51st, with Nicola Shenton, Lucy Rider and Jennifer Gridley scoring for the ladies team.

Peco4a Peco4b Peco4c Peco4d Peco4e

After 4 rounds the men are equal 4th in the Premier division and are in a great fight with Saltaire for that 4th place.  The ladies are in what looks like a safe 5th out of 7 in the 1st division.

In total we have had an excellent 83 runners take part in a Peco round, and it would be great to have our biggest turnout yet at the final round on the 14th at Roundhay Park.

Peco4f Peco4g


Thanks to Phil Hammond for the photos and Ian Watson for the group shot.

Peco 4 Men Pos Time Peco 4 Ladies Pos Time
Stan Karanasios 27th 28.44 A Helen Close 30th 35.20 A
George Anderson 28th 28.50 A Caroline Young 51st 36.47 A
Anthony Aimon 32nd 29.13 A Nicola Shenton 78th 38.36 A
Colin Tranter 73rd 31.13 A Lucy Rider 81st 39.01 A
Scott Henderson 102nd 32.28 A Jennifer Gridley 89th 39.29 A
Gary Grant 125th 33.34 A Daisy Karanasios 90th 39.30
Farhad Hamad 138th 34.04 A Dote Stone 116th 40.48
Aron Hinds 144th 34.25 A Laura Cummings 124th 41.28
Paul Sawyer 151st 34.41 Lois Gardner 135th 42.09
Ken Fox 160th 34.50 Vicky Houghton 139th 42.27
Chris Taylor 171st 35.07 Clare Evans 145th 42.43
David Womersley 191st 36.08 Heather Fulton 171st 44.45
Graeme Miles 194th 36.21 Laura Edwards 196th 46.03
Daniel Waas 198th 36.57 Rici Marshall 200th 46.26
Jason Newell 249th 39.25 Janet Glynn 201st 46.26
Ralph Kidner 260th 40.31 Lwin Tin 227th 48.11
Rodrigo Pires Dos Santos 261st 40.34 Catherine Hayward 247th 50.15
Richard Edwards 306th 45.50 Sarah Baker 270th 53.51
Paul Jones 314th 48.49 Sara Scholes 271st 53.57
Michael Mason 319th 49.55 Kay Jefferies 279th 55.37
Julie Robson 290th 58.03
Nicola Forwood 291st 58.11
Clare Mason 298th 1.01.49
Jasbir Bangerh 299th 1.01.50