• Ultra & Marathon Championship Update – Oct – Matt Armstrong

Ultra & Marathon Championship Update – Oct – Matt Armstrong

Hey folks! Update on the scores for the HPH Ultra & Marathon trial championship: Next weekend a lot of you doing the Yorkshire Marathon will be doing race 6 of these Championship races – so there are points up for grabs! There is plenty of running left in this championship even if Laura Hastings and Phil Hammond are smashing it so far.

Race List:

1 7th April; Wuthering Heights Trail Marathon

2 11th May; A Bridge Too Far Ultra 50/60km

3 8th June; Urban Legend Ultra 50/57/66km

4 6th July; The High Life Ultra 50/80/105/130km

5 28th Sept; Reservoir Dogs 43/57km

6 20th October; Yorkshire Marathon

7 16th Nov; Kirkstall Abbey Trail Marathon

8 8th Dec; Xmas Cracker Marathon

9 Jan 2020; Titus Trot Ultra

10 Feb 2020; Leodis Marathon

(Best 4 scores count at the end)

Women’s current standings:

Laura Hastings 62 points – 3 events with 2 top scores including 3 ultra bonus points

Chloe Brooks 27 points – 1 event with 1 top score including 7 ultra bonus points

Nichola Ní Mhuraláin 20 points – 1 event with 1 ultra bonus point

Nicola Forwood 19 points – 1 event scored

Men’s current standings:

Phil Hammond 64 points – 3 events 2 top scores including 5 ultra bonus points

Matt Armstrong 21 points – 1 event 1 top score including 1 ultra bonus point

Alex Greenwood 20 points – 1 event including 1 ultra bonus point

If I have missed anybody out let me know as I have missed most of the races so far this year and some of the race results don’t show the running club.

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