HPH Club Competitor Standings after Race 14

The provisional Golden Acre Relay results are now out so I’ve updated the HPH Club Competitor spreadsheet with the points gained.

It was the usual fun as teams of 3 runners each negotiated the twisty 2.75 mile course around Golden Acre Park on a lovely sunny evening. Hyde Park Harriers had runners in 12 of the 143 teams that took part with the best placed being “Mad for Running” with Anthony Aimon, Scott Watson and Chris Mann finishing in 9th place. Here’s how the HPH teams finished.

Position Team Name Category Total Time
9 Mad For Running Men’s Open 47:52
23 Hyde Park Punters Men’s Open 52:25
40 Hyde Park Thunder Mixed 54:31
54 Hyde Park Lightning Force Men’s Open 56:18
60 LS Whitecaps Men’s Vets 57:09
77 Hyde Park Spartans Mixed 1:00:52
80 Run Direction Mixed 1:01:14
93 Too Hot To Trot Minus The Irish Charm Ladies Open 1:04:18
100 Hyde Park Dreamers Mixed 1:05:55
103 Red, White & Scarlett Ladies Open 1:06:00
114 Grayson-dillas Mixed 1:08:13

Here are the individual times. Note that Anthony Aimon ran Leg A for Mad for Running and Leg B for Hyde Park Spartans and Dan Waas ran Leg A for Hyde Park Dreamers and Leg C for Hyde Park Spartans. Dan managed precisely the same time for both legs he ran – amazing consistency.

Runner Time Age Grade% Leg Team
Chris Mann 15:29 70.82% C Mad For Running
Anthony Aimon 15:56 68.99% A Mad For Running
Scott Watson 16:27 68.51% B Mad For Running
Scott Henderson 16:28 69.42% C Hyde Park Thunder
Ben Hartley 16:58 66.89% C Hyde Park Punters
Colin Tranter 16:58 66.43% A The Wedding Belles
Tom Eales 17:03 64.32% C Hyde Park Lightning Force
Anthony Aimon 17:05 64.35% B Hyde Park Spartans
James Booth 17:43 62.38% B Hyde Park Punters
Jimmy Sheldon 17:44 61.83% A Hyde Park Punters
Graeme Miles 18:38 59.13% C Run Direction
Ken Fox 18:44 70.32% A LS Whitecaps
Emily Stevenson 18:57 66.39% B Hyde Park Thunder
Tom Pollard 19:03 57.56% A Run Direction
John Blatherwick 19:06 57.41% A Hyde Park Thunder
David Womersley 19:06 72.65% B LS Whitecaps
Chris Jones 19:19 69.97% C LS Whitecaps
Daniel Waas 19:20 57.38% A Hyde Park Dreamers
Daniel Waas 19:20 57.38% C Hyde Park Spartans
Rebecca Rogers 19:25 64.79% A Grayson-dillas
Monica Padilla 19:25 64.86% B Grayson-dillas
Thomas Mason 19:29 56.50% A Hyde Park Lightning Force
Jonathan Mason 19:46 56.66% B Hyde Park Lightning Force
Daisy Karanasios 20:45 61.03% A Too Hot To Trot Minus The Irish Charm
Lucy Rider 20:47 61.12% A Red, White & Scarlett
Claire Lyons 21:42 58.36% B Too Hot To Trot Minus The Irish Charm
Clare Evans 21:51 57.57% B Red, White & Scarlett
Laura Cummings 21:51 58.13% C Too Hot To Trot Minus The Irish Charm
Vicky Houghton 22:08 57.08% C Hyde Park Dreamers
Samantha Scarlett 23:22 53.84% C Red, White & Scarlett
Rici Marshall 23:33 53.42% B Run Direction
Gloria Gracia 24:27 0.00% A Hyde Park Spartans
Kate Thorpe 24:27 51.95% B Hyde Park Dreamers
Matthew Gray 29:23 37.32% C Grayson-dillas

Full results can be found on the Abbey Runners website.

The HPH Club Competitor Championships standings spreadsheet can be found in the usual place in the Google Docs Cloud at: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1aFjB01oIVPfsgraEBcQ5nbE_Q_zx7oGKoSJdQeFdmsY/edit?usp=sharing

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