Awards and Trophies

PECO 2021/2022 Season

HPH Trophy Haul from from the PECO 2021/2022 Season including:
  • Most improved club
  • PECO Relay team winners
  • Men’s premier division 🥇
  • Women’s premier division 🥈
  • Men’s vets first division 🥇
  • Women’s vets first division 🥈

The Holly Hustle 2018

Team winners – 2018

Rombald’s Romp 2016

Team Prize – 2016

Wetherby 10km

Team prize 2016:

Michael Vargas (12th), Alec Francis (290th), Liam O’Brian (3rd).

HPH Summer Mile 2021

HPH Won Team Prize

2019 Temple Newsam Ten

Most Represented Club

Leeds Country Way Relay

Ladies fastest Leg 1

PECO Ladies Premier Division

2017/2018 Ladies Winners!

PECO Ladies First Division

2019/2020 Ladies Winners!

Hyde Park Harriers – Champs

HPH Ladies Club Champ Shield

Hyde Park Harriers Trophy

Example of 2019/2020 Trophy