• Club Road Championship 2016-17

Club Road Championship 2016-17

Well that’s it, the club road championship wrapped up at the Dewsbury 10k.

This year it was 10 rounds with the best 7 scores to count.  We started with the 10k at Wakefield before the best score from 3 attempts at the John Carr 5k.  The Leeds half was round 3 before two 10 mile races at Otley and Eccup.  The 2nd half of the year kicked off with the West Yorkshire 5 before something a little different.  Not really road but it was good fun to add in the Leeds Track mile.  The final 3 rounds were all 10k’s – Bradford City, Abbey Dash and Dewsbury.

In total a massive 108 Harriers took part in at least one round, this being split as 55 men and 53 ladies.

Wakefield 10K – 19 Harriers – 13 men, 6 ladies

John Carr 5K – 37 Harriers – 21 men, 16 ladies

Leeds 1/2 marathon – 43 Harriers – 22 men, 21 ladies

Otley 10 – 20 Harriers – 11 men, 9 ladies

Eccup 10 – 38 Harriers – 17 men, 21 ladies

West Yorkshire 5 – 27 Harriers – 15 men, 12 ladies

Leeds Track mile – 17 Harriers – 14 men, 3 ladies

Bradford City 10K – 17 Harriers – 10 men, 7 ladies

Abbey Dash – 59 Harriers – 27 men, 32 ladies

Dewsbury 10K – 29 Harriers – 17 men, 12 ladies

All the promotion and relegation will be sorted fully when we know who has rejoined in April but the final points and an idea of who goes where are attached.  For now meet your winners –

Ladies Premier

6 different winners this year with Sarah Farnell, Laura Cummings and Rebecca Gray taking 2 wins each while Ruth Hancox, Diane Aykroyd and Claire Booth each got a win.  13 Ladies scored points but our winner for 2016/17 championship is Sarah Farnell with 132 points.  She wasn’t far ahead of her best friend Clare Maxwell who finished with 127 points.  Hilary Lund was 3rd with 67 points.

WY5SF abbeymaxwell

Ladies 1st Division

5 different ladies too a maximum point score in the 1st division.  Lucy Rider taking 5 wins, Clare Evans 2 wins and Michelle Hancocks, Caroline Sanders and Helen Close each taking 1 win.  13 ladies scored with Lucy Rider winning in style with 138 points.  Emma Amor was runner up with 104 and Clare Evans 3rd with 76 points.

DewLR OtleyEmmaDO

Ladies 2nd Division

Out of the 27 different ladies who scored points in the 2nd division, 7 of them took a class win.  It was only Lois Gardner who took more than 1, coming home 1st 4 times while Heather Fulton, Maika Ohno, Nicola Shenton, Jennifer Gridley, Roberta Jordan and Amy Young all claimed 1 win.  Lois is our division champion with 118 points while Sara Scholes came 2nd with 91 points and Denise Hofman 3rd on 70 points.

dscf3845 WY5SS

Men’s Premier

Over to the men and even though the Premier division went to the final round Philip Goose was the class act taking 7 wins out of the 7 races he started and claiming a maximum points score of 140 points,  Chris Smith took 1 win and chased him hard all year to finish on 134 points.  Matthew Pinnock and Ben Hartley also taking 1 win while 15 scored in total and Chris Jones finishing 3rd on 121 points.


Men’s 1st Division

15 men scored points in the 1st division with 3 claiming wins.  Scott Watson claimed 6 wins on his way to winning the division with a massive 139 points.  Liam O’Brien took 3 wins from the first 3 rounds but wasn’t seen again while John Blatherwick claimed 1 win.  Dan Donnelly claimed 2nd spot at the final round with 107 points while John Blatherwick finished 3rd with 98 points.

dscf3873 dscf3862

Men’s 2nd Division

25 men scored in the division with wins being spread between 6 different people.  Jimmy Sheldon took 4 wins, George Anderson 2 and Aron Hinds, Michael Vargas, Pompeo Costantino and Angus Milne taking 1.  Jimmy wins the division with 133 points from John Hayes on 119 points and Aron Hinds on 110.

dscf3871 abbeyhayes

Well done everyone who took part and we can start it all over again in April with the Wakefield 10k.



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