• Eccup 10

Eccup 10

Sunday 2nd July saw Round 4 of the club Road Championship the ever popular Eccup 10.

46 Harriers (21 men and 25 ladies) took part and it was also great to see past road champion Stan Karanasios taking part while back in the UK from Australia.

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The top 3 Harriers home were all scoring in the 2nd division and its really hotting up.  Angus Milne had a great run and claimed his 2nd top points score from 3 races with a time of 1.01.53.  51 seconds back was Michael Vargas who has the same points after his 3 races.  Tom Thomas was 3rd in a time of 1.03.02.  He accidentally went through 5 miles in sub 30 and then everything went wrong.  Still he loved it and was happy with his time.

4th Harrier home was Philip Goose who wasn’t happy with his run but still got his 3rd top premier points score from 3 outings.  Michael Taylor and Rob Howard were next and along with a lot of runners picked up new 10 mile PB’s.

Mike Gallagher took max points in the 1st division on his first outing of the year.

Other stories from in the mens –   Mark Haddrill was loads faster than expected, going 7 minutes faster than last years and getting a new 10 mile PB.  Chris Bracchi managed a course and a 10 mile PB, while Paul Dickens decided he’d go for the train rather than the PB bus and got his fastest 10 mile race time.  Richard Edwards got a 3 1/2 minute 10 mile PB.

In the ladies Nichola Moreland claimed her first top points score of the year with a time of 1.19.32.  She had been aiming for 1.20 so was very happy.

Denise Hofman took maximum 1st division points and a cracking new PB on her first outing followed by Lois Gardner and then Alison Pullan who smashed here 90 minute target.

Next were Nicola Forward and Jane-Marie Bracchi.  Nicola had the following to say “Thanks for driving the bus Jane.  Loved working hard with you, Richard and Alys until Richard decided the bus was to slow.  Great results all around and a 30 minute PB”.

Jane also picked up a 10 mile PB and loved the course.  Even though she was 8 mins slower than last year, Lucy was positive post injury and took top points in the premier division.

Other comments – Claudia Bauer was 7 mins faster than last year and is happy with a 10 mile PB.  Clare Maxwell got a course PB, 1 minute faster than last year.  Caroline Sanders managed a 35 seconds PB over last year and was very pleased.

Tilly Rhodes was ill on the run but was happy to get another 10 miles in her legs while Jo Rhodes was nearly 9 mins off her time from last year.  Sara Elizabeth didn’t manage a 10 mile PB but knocked a great 7 mins off last year.

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Position Name Time Division Position Name Time Division
18th Angus Milne 1.01.53 2nd 220th Nichola Moreland 1.19.32 2nd
23rd Michael Vargas 1.02.44 2nd 264th Denise Hofman 1.21.33 1st
25th Tom Thomas 1.03.02 2nd 360th Lois Gardner 1.25.45 1st
32nd Philip Goose 1.04.26 Prem 371st Alison Pullan 1.26.12 2nd
44th Michael Taylor 1.05.22 2nd 376th Nicola Forwood 1.26.32 2nd
59th Robert Howard 1.06.46 2nd 382nd Jane-Marie Bracchi 1.26.51 2nd
64th Ben Hartley 1.07.48 Prem 400th Maika Ohno 1.26.59 1st
67th Mike Gallagher 1.08.09 1st 410th Lucy Rider 1.27.39 Prem
80th Nick Payne 1.10.34 2nd 406th Claudia Bauer 1.27.43 2nd
101st Scott Watson 1.12.12 Prem 421st Caroline Sanders 1.28.34 Prem
147th Mark Haddrill 1.15.25 2nd 447th Matilda Rhodes 1.29.45 1st
203rd Simon McGrath 1.19.21 1st 478th Roberta Jordan 1.30.20 2nd
231st Daniel Waas 1.19.34 Prem 472nd Alys Griffiths 1.30.42 2nd
328th Paul Dickens 1.24.14 2nd 490th Lesley-Ann Donnell 1.31.21 1st
334th Jeremy Forber 1.24.20 1st 497th Clare Maxwell 1.34.59 Prem
330th John Blatherwick 1.24.22 Prem 513th Emma Brown 1.33.13 2nd
357th Richard Edwards 1.25.42 Prem 538th Laura Edwards 1.34.03 1st
494th Chris Bracchi 1.31.51 2nd 568th Samantha Scarlett 1.35.26 1st
571st Joe Hogg 1.35.36 2nd 560th Jo Rhodes 1.35.52 1st
586th Mike Webb 1.37.10 Prem 600th Jayne Rodgers 1.37.41 2nd
710th Hilary Lund 1.46.02 Prem
DNF Chris Jones 711th Michelle Hancocks 1.46.02 Prem
725th Joan Kavanagh 1.46.51 Prem
735th Sara Scholes 1.47.56 1st
794th Delyse Forber 2.02.06 1st

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