• John Carr Race 1

John Carr Race 1

Round 2 of the club Road Championship and its the John Carr 5k Series.Β  The first 3 Wednesdays in May over the same course with your best time from the 3 races counting for club points.

This year we had a different route from last year but it still included the hill this time in the last mile and is still a fast course with a very fast field of runners.Β  Last year 11 Harriers made it to the first race and in total 37 which happened to be the number that made it to the first race this year (17 men and 20 ladies).

First Harrier home was Philip Goose in 27th and a time of 17.37.Β  He hadn’t done much since his marathon success and know he can go faster in the future weeks but will still take some beating in the Premier division.

Chris Smith came home next in 49th and a time of 18.34 while 55th and the first of the many HPH PB’s was Aron Hinds in a storming 18.39 and 1st division 1 runner home.

1 minute later and first 2nd division runner home was Nick Payne followed not to long later by Mark Haddrill in 19.48 and his first sub 20 5k.

Other PB’s for the men that I know to were Graeme Miles, Paul Dickens, Andrew Maddock and Richard Edwards.

1st lady HPH home and a new PB was Rebecca Gray in 20.15 and looking good for a top Premier League time.Β  Amy Young was next in a very good 21.00 and leading 2nd division lady, 33 seconds ahead of Naomi Kellett.

Emma Brown was next to finish in 23.16 and a new PB, and only 13 seconds ahead of Matilda Rhodes and her new 42 second PB and a good early time in the 1st division.

Some great results through out the field including a stunning 90 seconds PB by Alison Pullan.

2 more races to get a time on the board, still plenty to play for.




Many thanks to Philip Bland and Ian Watson for the pics.

Position Name Time Division Position Name Time Division
27th Philip Goose 17.37 Prem 123rd Rebecca Gray 20.15 Prem
49th Chris Smith 18.34 Prem 149th Amy Young 21.00 2nd
55th Aron Hinds 18.39 1st 174th Naomi Kellett 21.33 2nd
99th Nick Payne 19.39 2nd 237th Emma Brown 23.16 2nd
106th Mark Haddrill 19.48 2nd 244th Matilda Rhodes 23.29 1st
110th Chris Jones 19.49 Prem 249th Clare Evans 23.48 Prem
111th Graeme Miles 19.51 1st 269th Samantha Scarlett 24.21 1st
161st Paul Sawyer 21.16 1st 286th Claudia Bauer 24.51 2nd
163rd Daniel Waas 21.18 Prem 289th Alison Pullan 24.56 2nd
236th Russell Webster 23.03 1st 294th Jane-Marie Bracchi 25.06 2nd
253rd Paul Dickens 23.46 2nd 305th Clare Maxwell 25.49 Prem
260th Andrew Maddock 23.59 Prem 342nd Joan Kavanagh 27.12 Prem
262nd Richard Edwards 24.09 Prem 359th Claire Hougham 28.41 1st
277th Jeremy Forber 24.24 1st 381st Jasbir Bangerh 30.59 1st
301st Matthew Gray 25.39 1st 393rd Susan Smith 31.53 Prem
327th Phil Hammond 26.48 1st 402nd Delyse Forber 33.15 1st
345th Chris Bracchi 27.27 2nd 405th Clare Mason 33.38 Prem
409th Kay Jefferies 34.42 Prem
406th Liz Jones 33.47 Prem
415th Diane Aykroyd 36.28 Prem


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