Leeds Half Marathon

medalWell the Hyde Park Harriers rocked the streets of Leeds last weekend for the Half Marathon.  An awesome 58 took part that we have spotted on the results.  We couldn’t get everyone together for the photo but how good do we look.  Going forward when entering races if you can enter as the club we can make sure you score club points.

It turned out to be a hot day and it took its toll on some runners but there was some amazing performances and everyone of you can be proud of what you achieved. We also had some amazing support out there with Harriers spread around the route, there always seemed to be someone to cheer you on just as you needed it, and to be fair it wasn’t just Harriers, we have some amazing friends from other local running clubs.

First home for HPH in an excellent 14th overall and in a time of 1.16.10 was Liam O’Brien.  Next in 23rd was Philip Goose in 1.19.00 and then Stan Karanasios in 44th with 1.21.22.

The Harriers got two top ten females with Roslyn Eadie an excellent 3rd in 1.24.50 and Rachel Bourne 8th in 1.30.46.  3rd Harrier home was Rebecca Rogers in 1.38.10.

The list of amazing performances and PB’s is long.  Special mention must go to Ken Fox who came home 3rd in M55 and Sarah Rowson who was aiming for 2.30 and got 2.14.

For the road championship points there was a nice spread in the mens, 11 premier, 9 1st and 15 2nd division runners.  In the Ladies there was 6 premier, 3 1st and 14 2nd division scorers.

Well done everyone, please feel free to share your own stories on here.


Liam O’Brien 01:16:10 Mens 2nd Division
Philip Goose 01:19:00 Mens 1st Division
Stan Karanasios 01:21:22 Mens Premier Division
Anthony Aimon 01:22:47 Mens 1st Division
Roslyn Eadie 01:24:50 Ladies 1st Division
Matthew Pinnock 01:24:56 Mens 1st Division
Mike Gallagher 01:25:16 Mens 1st Division
Chris Smith 01:26:09 Mens Premier Division
Simon Gilbody 01:26:45 Mens Premier Division
Pompeo Costantino 01:27:59 Mens 2nd Division
Chris Taylor 01:28:52 Mens 2nd Division
Simon McGrath 01:30:43 Mens 2nd Division
Rachel Bourne 01:30:46 Ladies Premier Division
Matt Jackson 01:31:34 Mens Premier Division
Dan Stevenson 01:32:15 Mens 1st Division
Charlie Jackett 01:33:18 Mens Premier Division
Ken Fox 01:34:12 Mens Premier Division
Gary Grant 01:34:39 Mens 2nd Division
Oliver Coultrup 01:34:49 Mens 1st Division
Tom Eales 01:36:28 Mens 1st Division
Farhad Hamad 01:38:03 Mens 1st Division
Rebecca Rogers 01:38:10 Ladies Premier Division
James Booth 01:38:35 Mens Premier Division
Paul Sawyer 01:39:11 Mens 2nd Division
Thomas Pollard 01:39:46 Mens 2nd Division
Helen Close 01:39:47 Ladies 2nd Division
Joe Gilbody 01:45:09 Mens 2nd Division
Hannah Turner 01:45:57 Ladies Premier Division
James Vickers 01:46:20 Mens Premier Division
Hannah Marshall 01:47:11 Ladies 2nd Division
Claire Lyons 01:47:49 Ladies Premier Division
Thomas Mason 01:49:55 Mens 2nd Division
Claire Geeson 01:50:06 Ladies 1st Division
Clare Evans 01:52:46 Ladies 2nd Division
Lucy Rider 01:52:52 Ladies 2nd Division
Daniel Waas 01:55:36 Mens Premier Division
Bartosz Lewandowski 01:59:18 Mens 2nd Division
Caroline Sanders 01:59:34 Ladies 2nd Division
Katherine Ley 02:01:25 Ladies 2nd Division
John Hayes 02:02:08 Mens 2nd Division
Stuart Smith 02:04:02 Mens 2nd Division
Joan Kavanagh 02:04:03 Ladies 2nd Division
Michael Webb 02:06:18 Mens 1st Division
Andrew Maddock 02:07:43 Mens Premier Division
John Blatherwick 02:08:01 Mens 2nd Division
Richard Edwards 02:08:15 Mens Premier Division
Emma Amor 02:10:19 Ladies 2nd Division
Nicola Forwood 02:13:26 Ladies 2nd Division
Sarah Rowson 02:14:35 Ladies 2nd Division
Ciara Crossan 02:19:14 Ladies 2nd Division
Raymond Barber 02:21:36 Mens 2nd Division
Catherine Hayward 02:22:15 Ladies 1st Division
Emma Moxey 02:22:44 Ladies 2nd Division
Kay Jefferies 02:27:54 Ladies Premier Division
Louise Hawksworth 02:28:10 Ladies 2nd Division
Matthew Gray 02:28:11 Mens 2nd Division
Sue Smith 02:31:46 Ladies Premier Division
Delyse Forber 02:40:29 Ladies 2nd Division