Middleton Woods parkrun – June

The HPH parkrun championship took on Middleton Woods parkrun in June.

Its a lovely venue, fast down hill and then climb back up through the woods twice.  After the run head to one of the best post run cafes in Leeds. 

34 Harriers posted a time (18 ladies and 16 men) with top age grading for the month going to Michael Vargas with 74.95 in week 4.  Steve Rhodes was next up and it was a close battle as he managed a 74.46 the previous week.

Philip Goose got 3rd place with a 65.24.

Into the ladies and Anna Stocks posted the best age grading with a 69.11 again in week 4 while Emma Brown was next up with a 64.25 also in week 4.

3rd lady was Fiona Blyth with a 62.92 in week 3.

We had 3 people claim a first place, they were Anna, Michael and Steve.  While we had 13 PB’s over the month going to Anna, Emma, Cara Sass, Lizzie Coombes, Clare Evans, Vicky Houghton, Karly Stringer, Michael Vargas, John Blatherwick, Tom Mason, Mike Webb, Richard Edwards and James Underwood.

Championship points after June –

Ladies –

  • 1st – Anna Stocks – 299 points
  • 2nd – Susie Barrett – 291 points
  • 3rd – Emma Brown – 291 points
  • 4th – Clare Evans 289 points
  • 5th – Lizzie Coombes – 285 points

Mens –

  • 1st – Steve Rhodes – 299 points
  • 2nd – Michael Vargas – 298 points
  • 3rd – Philip Goose – 292 points
  • 4th – Paul Sawyer – 281 points
  • 5th – John Blatherwick – 273 points

The above points don’t include the scores from posting a best time at Woodhouse Moor throughout the year.  Emma, Steve and John have yet to post a time there.

14 Ladies have done all 3 venues so far while only 8 men have.  July will see us moving on to Rothwell.