**Off Road Championship Update**

After listening to our members the committee have made the following decision which I hope proves agreeable to you all.

As you are aware the Post Hill event has been put back and put back and so we had to take out of our championship.  We had an option to not replace the event but there seemed to be an interest with the new Temple Newsam 10 miler which is on January 10th. So we decided to add this and are pleased to see that with nearly 2 months still to go we have already had over 20 members sign up.

Unfortunately I hadn’t realised that this is the day after the Yorkshire Cross Country of which we are pushing to get a team together to go to this year.  We wouldn’t expect people to do both events so have come up with the following –

The final round of the Off Road Championship will either be the Yorkshire CC or the Temple Newsam 10 miler.

You can enter either and you will score 5 points in the overall championship and score the normal Off Road points depending on your division.  Some may decide to do both, if this is the case you will only get 5 points for one event and can count your best score for the Off Road championship.

Hope this makes sense and everyone is happy with what we are trying to achieve here.

Thanks Richard, on behalf of the Committee.

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