parkrunday 4th June 2022

There were 46 HPH Women and 46 HPH Men out parkrunning across 40 different venues this week. Three new venues were added to the HPH list, these were Banstead Woods on the Surrey/London border by Aron Fulton; Hafan Pwllheli in north-west Wales by Tom Elcock; and Uppsala in Sweden by Liz and Chris Jones. Banstead Woods is an ancient woodland that contained a medieval deer park and is thought to once have been owned by Anne Boleyn. It is a Site of Special Scientific Interest. It also has a “Narnia Trail” with sculptures of Aslan and a full size Wardrobe – for no apparent reason that I have been able to find. The course at Hafan Pwllheli is entirely along a sandy beach. Uppsala is home to Scandinavia’s largest cathedral – Uppsala Cathedral and Uppsala University founded in 1477, making it the oldest centre of higher education in Scandinavia. Among the many scholars associated with the city are Anders Celsius, inventor of the centigrade temperature scale that now bears his name, and Carl Linnaeus, the father of taxonomy.

There were two first finishing Hyde Park Harriers. These were Anna Stocks in 20:00 at Hackney Marshes and Michael Vargas in 17:32 at Armley. There were 16 PBs. These were Felicity Burton with 19:36, Ellie Shipp with 25:14 and Karly Stringer with 26:57 at Woodhouse Moor; Niall Flynn with 20:11 at Harrogate; Sarah Underwood with 22:25 at Linford Wood; Tobias Adkins with 18:46 at Skipton; Laura Foster with 27:20 at Druridge Bay; Alex Fells with 22:57 and Ellie Crossley with 27:09 at Oakwell Hall; Frazer Carr with 17:28 at Lowestoft; Rupert Jordan with 17:28 at Rutland Water; Sam Dooley with 22:43, Alys Griffiths with 23:11, Laura Garratt with 28:18 and Claire Hougham with 29:43 at Armley; and Stuart Harris with 31:52 at Chevin Forest.

Top female Age Grade% was 76.35% by Jane Prust at Malahide and top male Age Grade% was 77.00% by Rupert Jordan at Rutland Water.

Here are the details of this week’s parkrunning Hyde Park Harriers.


Alexandra Natalie SMITHWoodhouse MoorUK29:4649.72%70
Alys GRIFFITHSArmleyUK23:1163.91%212PB
Anna MOGERQueen’sUK30:5550.13%237
Anna STOCKSHackney MarshesUK20:0074.00%275
Anne AKERSWoodhouse MoorUK38:5751.26%340
Becky WEBBWoodhouse MoorUK29:4749.69%74
Beverley MILLERWakefield ThornesUK29:2465.08%335
Cara GATESWoodhouse MoorUK26:5055.53%156
Caroline SANDERSWoodhouse MoorUK29:4253.98%252
Catherine MCGUIREWoodhouse MoorUK29:5450.17%108
Charlotte PUGSLEYWoodhouse MoorUK26:0756.67%58
Claire BOOTHHerefordUK26:0557.51%189
Claire HOUGHAMArmleyUK29:4352.94%287PB
Clare MASONPotternewtonUK39:1543.78%346
Clare MAXWELLArmleyUK28:1063.43%360
Claudia BAUERWoodhouse MoorUK30:5448.71%249
Danni BRYANTDewsburyUK28:3351.84%80
Delyse FORBERPotternewtonUK39:4048.24%287
Ellie CROSSLEYOakwell HallUK27:0954.51%54PB
Ellie SHIPPWoodhouse MoorUK25:1458.65%18PB
Felicity BURTONWoodhouse MoorUK19:3675.51%5PB
Fiona BLYTHWoodhouse MoorUK23:4765.66%146
Grace ROBERTSWoodhouse MoorUK29:4449.78%80
Helen WILLIAMSFountains AbbeyUK23:2569.18%312
Hilary M Z LUNDWakefield ThornesUK32:5162.66%282
Jane PRUSTMalahideIE26:0976.35%59
Jaz BANGERHWoodhouse MoorUK32:5352.26%565
Jo RHODESArmleyUK25:3657.94%178
Karly STRINGERWoodhouse MoorUK26:5755.84%107PB
Kate SOLOMONWoodhouse MoorUK29:5249.55%114
Laura FOSTERDruridge BayUK27:2054.27%48PB
Laura GARRATTArmleyUK28:1854.06%36PB
Laura HASTINGSWhinlatter ForestUK33:5444.10%207
Liz JONESUppsalaSE35:0956.00%511
Lizzie COOMBESArmleyUK27:1165.73%214
Lorraine BEAVISEden ProjectUK35:4758.41%254
Louise GARDHAMArmleyUK30:3155.60%122
Manesha CHAUHANExmouthUK42:4036.60%126
Michelle DICKSONCliffe CastleUK29:1154.94%30
Michelle HANCOCKSWakefield ThornesUK32:5749.17%202
Naomi ADKINSSkiptonUK29:4049.94%163
Nicki DERRICKRothwellUK28:1152.51%192
Poppy FORWOODAmagerstrandparkDK37:1047.22%150
Robyn JOHNSONFell FootUK31:5547.00%207
Sarah UNDERWOODLinford WoodUK22:2566.47%136PB
Vicky HOUGHTONArmleyUK23:4264.56%373


Abdu AHMEDWoodhouse MoorUK23:4254.43%12
Alex FELLSOakwell HallUK22:5756.28%62PB
Aron FULTONBanstead WoodsUK24:2153.87%163
Ben HARTLEYPotternewtonUK20:3068.62%270
Charlie JACKETTWoodhouse MoorUK22:0862.58%170
Chris HARRISArmleyUK22:0959.22%15
Chris JONESUppsalaSE24:0869.48%592
Chris WORFOLKWoodhouse MoorUK24:2953.85%267
Christopher SMITHWoodhouse MoorUK20:3070.24%138
Dan DONNELLYWoodhouse MoorUK22:1669.01%140
Dan LEEChevin ForestUK24:5254.89%9
Daniel WAASLincolnUK26:2651.64%364
Frazer CARRLowestoftUK17:2873.85%44PB
George SULLIVANWoodhouse MoorUK28:0246.02%145
Ives SOLOWoodhouse MoorUK29:4350.42%158
James BOOTHHerefordUK21:5661.78%237
James UNDERWOODLinford WoodUK26:2049.56%74
Jamie DOBSONPontefractUK24:4853.49%278
Jamie RYANRothwellUK28:1145.83%229
Jason NEWELLPleanUK30:1448.79%275
John PRATTWoodhouse MoorUK19:2070.09%95
Mark HADDRILLWoodhouse MoorUK30:5543.83%259
Matt BARTONWoodhouse MoorUK22:5859.87%178
Michael GARTSIDEWoodhouse MoorUK24:2854.56%45
Michael VARGASArmleyUK17:3276.14%180
Mohammed ASLAMRoundhayUK31:0149.54%189
Niall FLYNNHarrogateUK20:1164.24%46PB
Peter NORENWoodhouse MoorUK22:0058.64%54
Phil LINDSAYWoodhouse MoorUK32:3354.17%373
Philip FISHERChevin ForestUK20:5662.10%200
Rafet ONGUNWoodhouse MoorUK25:1052.38%136
Ralph KIDNERHorton ParkUK25:1968.14%336
Richard EDWARDSWoodhouse MoorUK48:0929.46%268
Richard KNIGHTONColbyUK20:1063.97%39
Rob HEAPRothay ParkUK23:0861.31%64
Robert BUTLERHaigh WoodlandUK25:0156.23%55
Rupert JORDANRutland WaterUK17:2877.00%56PB
Sam DOOLEYArmleyUK22:4370.58%268PB
Simon MCGRATHWarringtonUK21:1462.48%192
Simon ROGERSHeatonUK24:4664.20%190
Stephen PRUSTMalahideIE34:2947.32%54
Steven BINNSBarrowUK20:0269.72%8
Stuart HARRISChevin ForestUK31:5242.83%141PB
Tobias ADKINSSkiptonUK18:4669.27%149PB
Tom ELCOCKHafan PwllheliUK24:5855.07%343
Will JEEPSDulwichUK19:5564.77%42