The 4th round of the PECO XC saw 48 Harriers (28 men and 20 ladies) head to Barnbow fields to continue there fight to stay up, or there push for promotion.


There has been something missing at the first 3 rounds this years and I haven’t been able to put my finger on it…..Oh yes it was back for round 4.  Welcome back to the MUD and there was plenty of it.  The first part of the course seemed to be very slippy and the second half you sunk into the mud, this made it a very tricky and hard working course.

Not that the above affected the might Harriers.  First Harrier home was Alec Francis in an excellent 9th overall.  Philip Goose and George Anderson had a close battle to come in 20th and 22nd, just 18 seconds between them.

4th home on his first PECO outing for the club was Daniel Marquina in 34th before Michael Vargas and Jimmy Sheldon had a smack down in 42nd and 44th.  The final 2 point scorers were Scott Watson and Mike Gallagher.

There was excellent performances through out and the men were the top scoring B team and the A team ended up 2nd in the premier league.  After a 6th and 7th places in the first two rounds they have now had 2 second places in a row which see’s them 5th in the Premier league on 17 points.  They are 4 points ahead of Wetherby who are in 6th and in the relegation places along with Kirkstall Harriers.  The men aren’t looking over there shoulders though and are looking up and are 1 point behind Saltaire Striders then another point behind 3rd place Abbey runners.

After 3 class wins from 3 the ladies team were in great form and they were looking to continue this.  1st home was Rebecca Gray in a fine 20th overall after a close battle with quite a few ladies.  2nd home was Claire Geeson in 57th with Reena Mistry not for back in 62nd and Clare Evans 65th.  The 5th scorer was Harriet Shaw in 90th.

This got the ladies a 2nd in class and a step closer to winning the division.  They are 6 points ahead of St Theresa so mathematically they have to wait to the final round at Roundhay before the champagne can be sprayed.

PECO42017d PECO42017c

PECO42017b PECO42017a

Peco 4 Men Pos Time Peco 4 Ladies Pos Time
Alec Francis 9th 32.03 A Rebecca Gray 20th 40.05 A
Philip Goose 20th 33.00 A Claire Geeson 57th 44.12 A
George Anderson 22nd 33.18 A Reena Mistry 62nd 44.50 A
Daniel Marquina 34th 34.15 A Clare Evans 65th 45.11 A
Michael Vargas 42nd 34.37 A Harriet Shaw 90th 46.53 A
Jimmy Sheldon 44th 34.40 A Lois Gardner 104th 47.16 B
Scott Watson 60th 35.11 A Matilda Rhodes 116th 48.26 B
Mike Gallagher 71st 35.34 A Naomi Farrar 144th 50.17 B
Michael Taylor 72nd 35.38 B Maika Ohno 150th 50.43 B
Adam Lomas 73rd 35.43 B Samantha Scarlett 159th 51.27 B
Matthew Pinnock 79th 35.56 B Heather Fulton 165th 51.45 C
Tom Thomas 98th 36.39 B Laura Edwards 186th 53.41 C
Aron Hinds 113th 37.19 B Caroline Sanders 190th 53.48 C
Gary Grant 166th 39.45 B Joanne Kavanagh 209th 55.30 C
Curtis Broadhead 174th 40.11 B Johanna Rhodes 217th 56.50 C
James Booth 178th 40.18 B Lucy Rider 253rd 1.03.48 D
Jack Rose 189th 40.37 C Eleanor Parkhill 272nd 1.08.25 D
Graeme Miles 201st 41.13 C Clare Mason 275th 1.09.37 D
Chris Jones 209th 41.32 C Kay Jefferies 276th 1.09.49 D
Jason Newell 241st 42.44 C Liz Jones 278th 1.10.05 D
John Hayes 273rd 45.01 C
Alan Pollock – 2nd claim 275th 45.06 C
Rick Pullan 307th 47.23 C
Bartosz Lewandowski 308th 47.24 C
Richard Edwards 331st 49.03
Phil Hammond 361st 53.28
Matthew Gray 375th 57.06
Michael Mason 380th 58.10