Return to The Edge!

We are delighted to finally bring you the great news that, after 18 months, we’re now able to return to our old home and meeting place! From Tuesday 7th September, all of our runs will start and finish at The Edge, University of Leeds. Here’s all the information you’ll need ahead of then.

General Session Info

  • From Tuesday 7th September, we will have groups 1-8 at their usual paces at 7pm from The Edge every Tuesday. The sessions will be approx 1 hour runs, accommodating the paces advertised on our website. Paces will also be specified on the Spond invites.
  • Hi-vis kit is highly recommended, and mandatory from when the clocks change.
  • Group leaders will plan the route, but they may choose not to share it before the run. The distance will depend on the group you choose to run in.

Meeting Point / Facilities Info

  • Nobody is to use the main entrance of The Edge, or gather close to the entrance doors, please.
  • If you need to use lockers, toilets or changing rooms in The Edge, you should use the ‘Welcome to the Exhibition Centre’ side door. There will be someone there to let you in before the session. The doors are here: What3Words: needed.asset.dimes
  • We will gather at the steps, not at the doors. You can find us here: What3Words: face.frost.sushi
  • The Edge staff require that we close the door once we go for our run, so this will be shut at 7pm prompt.
  • We will share the car parking code in Spond on the night, so you don’t need to enter the building to find it.

Registering To Run With Us

  • From 7th September, anyone will be able to run with us, but they will need to have registered on Spond beforehand, so that we have their contact details and ICE information. Follow this link or hit the button below to register and sign up for sessions.
  • Invites will be issued every Sunday night for the following week’s sessions.
  • Groups will be limited to 20 and leaders will check Spond against their registered list before they set off to run. If you’ve not signed up to a group prior to the session, you risk not being able to run with your chosen group if it’s already at capacity.
  • Join our Spond group here to sign up to sessions!

Other Sessions

  • Strength & Speed sessions will resume on Thursdays from 9th September, meeting at The Edge to start at 7pm prompt. These sessions are suitable for all abilities. Invites will go out via Spond.
  • Group 0 (our injured, tired or walking group) will be unofficial for the time being. If you’d like to organise a social group session, you are very welcome to post any pub/cafe/walk plans in the Facebook group, and encourage others to join!
  • Kirkstall Hills sessions are paused for now, whilst we focus on everyone meeting back at The Edge.
  • Run & Talk will be back once a month, leaders permitting. Invites will go out via Spond.

Information for Group Leaders, or those interested in leading:

  • Please continue to fill in the rota spreadsheet, which is pinned in the announcements on the HPH Group Leaders page. Thursday sessions are also available for leading on the sheet.
  • Leaders won’t be allocated as Spond ‘hosts’ but there will be a rota so we can be sure that we have sufficient leaders for sessions.
  • If over 20 participants sign up for your run, ask if anyone else attending is happy to lead an additional group of that pace and/or ask the committee to add a second session.
  • As leaders, please encourage people to gather at the steps ASAP once they’re done using the Edge facilities.
  • You’ll need to bring your phone to club sessions, and check off your attendants before you set off on your run. If anyone hasn’t signed up via Spond, please let them know how to get the Spond link and ask them to sign up before the next week. Please inform the committee if this happens, so we can keep track.
  • For those of you reading this who are not yet leaders: if you’re interested, please let your group leader know or send us an email!

See you soon!