HPH Blog and Harrier of the Month for October

19 people were nominated for HOTM this month, which is telling of a busy month for HPH across the country, and even some flaunting their vests overseas (some as far as Toronto!). Thank you to everyone that made the effort to submit a nomination, and well done to every single one of the nominees. Thanks for being incredible HPHers.

October saw a number of national and international marathons: the result of many months of summer training; the return of cross country training, the announcement of our XC captains; Morley 10km, Vale of York Half, the Abbey Dash and many other events. We also had our Light Night Run, as well as HPH runners performing as an art installation at the Path Between at Meanwood Valley Urban Farm. No wonder there were so many nominations!

Our winners this month are: Xeni Perry and Vicky Houghton. Their nominations were so fantastic I’ve just copied them verbatim this month… have a read!

  • Xeni Perry President’s Award (club contribution)
    • I’ve nominated for presidents but also relevant for Ain’t No Barriers. Xeni trained so hard for her first marathon this year and did amazingly with her training. Sadly Xeni was ill in the run up to her race which meant it didn’t go to plan yet she carried on throughout and finished with a run and a big smile on her face, and on top of that, has organised a lovely get-together for anyone recovering/not running at the moment. Well done Xeni! You’re incredible 😀
    • Xeni showed commitment and determination in her marathon training plan for her first marathon and despite not feeling well in the last few weeks lead up to the marathon, dug deep and decided to still make the start line. It will be no news to anyone that our friendship and running together runs deep and we aimed to complete it together – Yorkshire marathon 10th anniversary (which incidentally was my first marathon way back in 2013). We had the best day out together and although there were tough times during the race, particularly in the second half after a very solid first half, we kept each other going and also helped a fellow runner through the last seven or so miles together as a trio. I am nominating Xeni for her grit, perseverance and determination and completing her first marathon in the face of challenges. So proud of you and awesome to be your marathon time twin!
    • Xeni Perry For tackling her first marathon, and that inspirational picture crossing the line with Robyn at Yorkshire Marathon, representing the best of our club and what it’s all about. Amazing.
Xeni with great friends at the finish line
  • Vicky Houghton Chair’s Award (performance)
    • Vicky just smashed the hell out of the Yorkshire marathon!! Took an hour off her PB!! It’s been amazing watching her put in so much hard work, chipping away, and go from strength the strength 💪💪💪
    • What an amazing few months Vicky has had. She has trained really well for her marathon, smashing parkrun along the way. She then went and knocked over an hour of her marathon PB and getting a good for age time.
    • For her outstanding performance at the Yorkshire marathon, coming home in a pb time of 3.33! Vicky has been working on her fitness for a while now and this result is a well deserved culmination of that work. Well done Vicky!
    • Amazing performance in the Yorkshire Marathon, Vicky has come on so much with her running and did fantastically in the marathon. Well done.
Vicky celebrating her very well deserved PB!

Here’s the other amazing nominations:

  • Jonny Coade Chair’s Award (performance): A brilliant sub3 at Chicago Marathon!
  • Sarah Underwood and Cara Gates President’s Award (club contribution) The revival of headtorch runs – great fun!
  • Anne Akers President’s Award (club contribution) Organising and leading the Light Night run – rapidly becoming a highlight of the HPH year!
  • Lizzie Coombes President’s Award (club contribution) A brilliant job organising and arranging the Path Between event on the Meanwood valley path, using Hyde Park Harriers as moving works of art!
  • Josh Mitchell Chair’s Award (performance) A brilliant first marathon, representing HPH downunder at the Melbourne Marathon!
  • Josh Dawson Chair’s Award (performance)
    • Josh smashed the Amsterdam Marathon, hitting his long-term goal of a sub3 – really, really pleased for him!
    • Josh has been chipping away at his Marathon time for many years with the sub 3 goal in mind. He’s come close on a handful of occasions but faced challenges with cramp and sub optimal weather conditions. He’s continued to put in the miles and at Amsterdam Marathon he smashed the 3 hour barrier! Well done Josh – very deserved!
  • Nigel Wallace Chair’s Award (performance) “New to club, loving the competition, ace performance at LCW & Morley 10k. Smashed his first sub 20 5k at whm this weekend as well.”
  • Robyn Johnson President’s Award (club contribution)
    • Despite now living away from Leeds, Robyn has still represented HPH throughout the year. In particular, I was really impressed at how Robyn supported her fellow HPH and non-HPH runners at Yorkshire Marathon, helping them finish even when they found it super tough. Robyn also completed her 10th Yorkshire Marathon, meaning she’s ran every one since they started! Well done Robyn!
    • Ain’t No Barriers’ Award Robyn has always been an amazing, encouraging and supportive presence for more than just me, although I’m lucky enough to call her my best friend and running buddy! I had a very difficult day out at the Yorkshire marathon despite having completed some decent training, and suffered with sickness both in the lead up and during. Robyn showed true HPH spirit, refusing to leave my side and supporting me up until the very end where we completed a sprint finish together. We even picked up another injured runner at mile 19 and ran walked the remainder of the race together. Despite no longer living in Leeds? Robyn’s enthusiasm, commitment and support for everyone regardless of their pace or ability show that she still very much embodies all that HPH is about. I couldn’t have completed the marathon without you, Robyn and you helped me realise that there truly are no barriers. An amazing testament f friendship, support and club spirit. Worth also mentioning Robyn is one of only a handful to have completed all 10 yorkshire marathons come rain or shine and regardless of her current fitness which is also an amazing testament to her strength of character and amazing perseverance. Well done all round.
  • Mike Vargas Chair’s Award (performance)
    • Mike did a brilliant PB at Yorkshire Marathon this year of 2:44 – a PB of over 6 minutes! Mike trained super hard and though he is a tad disappointed he didn’t get his goal of 2:40, I think we’d all agree it’s a big PB for a difficult distance! Well done Mike – we’re super proud of you!
    • Mike put in a hugely impressive and dedicated training block which amounted to completing Yorkshire Marathon in a storming time of 2hrs 44mins. This which was a sizeable personal best and richly deserved for all the grit and determination he put in, both to get him to marathon day and in the race itself. Well Done Mike. 👍
  • Curtis Ledger President’s Award (club contribution) Curtis reached a huge milestone of 250 parkrun volunteer credits last weekend (sat 14th oct). That’s 250 Saturday (and Sunday for juniors) mornings where Curtis has given up his own time to support the running of others – that’s a lot of time and a brilliant way to contribute to the local running community. Thanks for being awesome Curtis!
  • Cat McGuire Chair’s Award (performance) Cat absolutely smashed her 5th marathon at the weekend (Yorkshire Marathon). Learning lessons from Leeds where it didn’t quite go to plan, Cat managed to take 40 minutes off her time this year, making it within minutes of her 10-year old, pre-kids PB! Well done Cat – really inspirational stuff (and it’s lovely to see you back at run club this year!).
  • Danny Clayton Chair’s Award (performance) Who doesn’t like a comeback story!? Danny has been injured and worked his way back to not just full fitness, but better fitness! Danny got himself a shiny new 5k pb (16.17) in September and followed thar up with a 10k pb at the Abbey dash in an impressive time of 33.45
  • Joseph Elmes Chair’s Award (performance) Joseph has been working really hard on his fitness. You could see something spectacular was coming when he managed an impressive 38.27 at Morley 10k, which is a tough hilly course. His first sub 40 10k if I am correct. Joseph then goes and follows that up with a super impressive 36.49 at the Abbey dash for another new pb. We’ll done Joseph! You’ve done yourself and us very proud
  • Tom Moulding Chair’s Award (performance) Tom is a fairly new member and his progress in the short time he has been with us has been astounding! From smashing out a 1.15.02 at Vale of York half in September (a pb for Tom) to an amazing 33.43 at the Abbey dash. This is even more impressive when you consider, in Tom’s own words ‘never run under 17 minutes for a 5k and somehow run 2 in a row’. We’ll done Tom! Keep up the good work!
  • Steve Milne Chair’s Award (performance) Steve isn’t a showy kind of chap, he has been getting on with his training quietly and behind the scenes where (I hope he doesn’t mind me saying) he has lost plenty of weight, gained loads of hair (that pony tail looks awesome) and of course grabbed himself a big pb at the Abbey dash of 43.03. Well done on your progress Steve!
  • Cara Gates Chair’s Award (performance) Boshed out a brilliant half marathon PB in October
  • George Anderson Chair’s Award (performance) For being the first Hyde Park Harrier to win a Brownlee 5k race…. and there have been plenty that have tried over the years
  • Amy Ramsden-Young President’s Award (club contribution) For taking a lead in organising Group 0 (Nero) to keep injured/post pregnancy/resting runners engaged with club goings-on

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