• Phil’s run to Pegasus Bridge

Phil’s run to Pegasus Bridge

On Sunday 26th May Hyde Park Harriers very own Marathon man Phil Hammond set off on his Epic run.  He was running from Leeds to Pegasus Bridge where he planned join up with the 75th anniversary of D-Day, a grand total of 325 miles all for the Veterans Charity.

This was a self supported run, but lots of friends chipped in to help with a bed and food along the way.  We got daily texts from him updating us on progress and this is all of those in one place to sum up his epic journey.  If you are friends with him on Facebook than please check out the videos he posted while on the run.

Day 1 – 26th May – He was well supported by his local run club as he ran from home in Leeds to Sheffield – “Beautiful BnB but 38.5 miles in 10 hours wouldn’t have made it if Matt and Chloe hadn’t been with me.  Not enough food, school boy error.  Too much rain and mini me was in my bag all day”.  Tomorrow is Sheffield to Breadsall.

Day 2 – 27th May – (Early update) “Was on the A61 but no footpath.  Went onto the bypass by mistake! In a coffee shop now not far from Chesterfield.  Raining since 8am.  He finished the day clocking ip 36 miles making it 74 in 2 days!.  Shorter day planned for day 3.

Day 3 – 28th May – “Just 26 miles today Breadsall to Lichfield.  Bad 2nd half trying to find Imodium tablets!  At the B&B now”.

Day 4 – 29th May – Lichfield to Saltley (Birmingham).  “Made it to the hostel in Birmingham in 8hrs including lunch stop and only 26 miles today.  About the same tomorrow I think.  The towpath surface in parts is terrible very slow going trying not to face plant on toy of mini me.  He spent most of the afternoon in my bag as it was raining.

Day 5 – 30th May – Birmingham to Stratford upon Avon.  Sent on his way by Manesha “30 miles done today.  Bit dodgy on the towpath so slow going but I’ve made it in one piece.  See you soon”.

Day 6 – 31st May – Stratford upon Avon to Salperton.  “Day 6 all done. 185 miles completed, now off to cassa Mather for some well earned rest”.

Day 7 – 1st June – Salperton to Chippenham.  “No pavements for 30 miles!  Absolutely spent.  31 miles tomorrow on the same roads.  No pavements, don’t know if I can stand another day of close calls”.

Day 8 – 2nd June – Chippenham to East Knoyle.  Not an easy day for Phil today.  1st update was “Nearly got run over.  14 miles to go thankfully.  Slow after yesterday.  Think 38 miles took is out of me.  Mini me is back in the bag as its raining a bit”.   Later update – “Just got a lift on the worst part of the journey yet.  Someone upstairs is looking out for me, it was life threatening.  Done for the day, only 20 miles tomorrow and then 75 after that”.

Day 9 – 3rd June – That’s it, Phil has made it down to join up with the Run to Pegasus…  “Finished in 8 days 5 hours 18 minutes.  I would like to claim the HPH record for the furthest any idiot has carried a backpack”.  The next part it now – 62 miles to Portsmouth then a ferry overnight to France then 13 miles through the war memorials.

5th June – the next update came through at 3am!!  “At the halfway 45 minute compulsory stop.  34 miles in 8hrs 20 mins.  30 miles to go to the ferry”.  At just before 9am “51 miles done, 12 to go.  Set off 6pm last night”.  Then a 3rd came through at 1.30 “64.35 miles in 18hrs 20mins.  Had a shower off to sleep now.  Can’t board the ferry until 8pm saild at 10pm”.  Not long later an update of the plans came through “Ferry due into France at 06.15 Thursday morning then 13 miles through the war memorials and a big church service, all the French TV and veterans from all over the world are here in the ferry port.  So should be a good day”.

6th June – “All done just queuing for food now.  It is so busy on Pegasus Bridge all nationalities are here and the French President is due according rumours, must have seen my videos on FB.  Can’t thank you all enough for your generosity”.

7th June – “Back on the ferry to Blighty.  No one snoring yet.  Weymouth parkrun tomorrow” 

8th June – “Now sitting in the Lodmoor Brewers Fayre drinking my first cappuccino having run Weymouth parkrun.  14 days 335 miles.  Not bad for an old man”.

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